Idk about Amadeus, but my name is Amadea and I think it's so pretty.
This is such a beautiful name. It holds such grace and power. A wonderful name. Mozart is by far my favorite composer for so many reasons so this name is such a wonderful way for me to honor all that he has done for me with his music. My son I plan to name Sebastien Amadeus (or amadé ) lovely name. Not used enough!
Amadeus (Amedeo Sebastiani, 1962-) is an Italian television and radio presenter.
Guilty pleasure!
Amadeus is the name of the system (similar to Siri or Cortana) used by Okabe Rintaro in the anime and visual novel Steins;gate0.
I absolutely love this name although I might be a little biased because it's mine haha, and although it says it's a masculine name I think it's more neutral, and it's super easy to give a feminine (Ama) or masculine (Deus) nickname. Definitely a badass sounding name, too.
Pretty cool name. I like Tristan Amadeus as a name (:
I love the name, although I think that it would be better used as a middle name rather than a first name since the lack of popularity might cause problems.
Lovely meaning but so outdated.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's middle name could make an interesting pick for music-loving parents, but I think that like the composer's name, it should remain in the middle place. Don't get me wrong, it's lovely, but a rather bold choice that could be tamed with a more conventional given name.
Amadeus Cho is a Marvel character with this name.
This is the best name in the world.
Reminds me of "potatoes".
This is a really beautiful and sophisticated name! Mozart is a great namesake, and 'Ama' would make such a sweet nickname because it means 'love'.
I have heard this on a girl with the pet name "Ama". Not sure for a nickname for a boy, but I always think that if you feel a name needs a nickname, then you probably don't like it that much in the first place.
Amadeus Serafini is an American actor who is most famous for his role as Kieran Wilcox in MTV's "Scream" television series.
The name Amadeus was given to 51 baby boys born in the US in 2012. It sounds a bit pretentious as a first name to me.
It does NOT mean "love of god". The meaning of Amadeus is "Love god!".
I am currently head over heels for this name! It's so perfect. Except what could possibly be a nickname for it? I'm pregnant right now and if there was a suitable nickname I will totally use this name!
The name Amadeus is something of a guilty pleasure to me. Yes, it's unbelievably long and sounds overly-formal, but it just sounds and looks so beautiful. I can imagine someone called Amadeus being an interesting and cool person. :)
Amadeus is a really cool name but I don't know if it will ever have a comeback. Also it makes me think of the song Rock Me Amadeus.
This is such a cool name. A bit pretentious, yes, but very cool. Anyone interested in names like Atticus and such should give this name a decent look.
Amadeus is the name of a 1979 stage play by Peter Shaffer, loosely based on the lives of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri.
Very pompous and pretentious. The funny thing is that Mozart was quite a huge fan of fart humor. Yet, the name sounds overly sophisticated, even snobby and elitist. I'm afraid the Falco track Rock Me Amadeus has rather ruined this name for me.
Lake Amadeus is the name of a large salt lake in the southern part of the southern part of the Northern Territory in Australia.
Amadeus is a great name, but I think it sounds so formal and would be hard to grow up with. However, I love the meaning and I think it makes a great middle name.
If I ever have a son I might name him Amadeus, it's a beautiful name.
Ahm-ah-DEE-us is also the Swedish pronunciation of Amadeus. And by the way, I love this name!
It's pronounced Ah-mah-DAY-us. [noted -ed]
This is a fantastic name with a fantastic meaning. I'd love to see Amadeus come back into usage.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Amadeus here:
I always thought that this name was pronounced "AM-A-DAY-US" instead of "AM-A-DEE-US".

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