Also Punjabi and used by Sikh community.

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I think the name Amar Joseph is cute name for your son and that name Amar Joseph is adorable name for newborn boys!
I know a white male horse named Amar and he is a gelding!
Amar is a British Indian singer signed to the independent label Sunset Entertainment Group. She is also the daughter of Mangal Singh. She is a singer and songwriter who writes her own material. She has a unique style of combining her Hindi vocals, lyrics, and melodies with western urban producers.
Amar means "to love" in Spanish and Portuguese.
In USA (2014) Amar was given to 154 boys and 16 girls.
The name Amar was given to 143 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
There is a character in The Gemma Doyle Trilogy (written by Libba Bray) named Amar. He was killed in the first book and has become a partially corrupted soul by the third, but his brother kills him at his own request once and for all.
AMAR means "to love" in Portuguese. Bearing in mind that India suffered from Portuguese influence in the 15th/16th century maybe it should be considered. Well, love is immortal so I guess it's fine. lol

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