This name is so pretty, too bad it means "bitter" in Latin.
I love this name!
Name: Amara
Meaning:"grace, immortal, tribe "
Origin: Italian, Greek, African.
It's okay, it sounds a little harsh though.
Amara Telgemeier is the younger sister of famous author Raina Telgemeier.
I believe it can loosely mean "sea" in Gaelic as Mara means "sea".
Not a fan at all.
How pretty!
Ugly, this name doesn’t even sound good.
Amara is also an Eastern African name.
In Uganda, Bantu language, Amara / Namara means God is enough/just enough thus "Grace".
It’s pretty but very girly. I prefer Amaris (for a girl).
Before I give my opinion on the name Amara, I’d like to say that I don’t mean for this comment to be in any way offensive, and whatever my opinion is I will say it as respectfully as possible. I apologize in advance if it has hurt your feelings, which wasn’t my intention at all. I will absolutely take it down if it’s in any way mean.Personally, I am not a huge fan of Amara. I do realize it has some beautiful, sensational meanings and does have a nice sound. I don’t dislike the name altogether, but the fact that I speak Italian has perhaps spoiled it a little for me. I’ve spent my earliest years in Rome, Italy, and nobody I knew went by that name. Maybe Tamara, but not Amara. I don’t know if it’s just in the Italian language, but Amara actually means "bitter". It sucks, because the name in English does have delicacy and charisma. I just wish "Amara" didn’t mean "bitter" in Italian, otherwise I would’ve thought of something else. All facts considered, Amara is a pretty cute name. I prefer the name Mara, to be honest, but Amara isn’t at all bad. Some nicknames for Amara: Mara, Amy, Ammie, Am, Ams, Arah, Am, Ammie being my personal favorite.
I thought Amara was supposed to be a Greek name?
Greek, meaning one who will be forever beautiful.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Amara who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2683rd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
For the Thai meaning I have had friends (10 years living in Thailand) and, our daughter, Amara was born here. The translation is kind of vague (and obscure) but it would appear to be a type of angel. We are deeply in love with the name even though we chose it for the Sanskrit roots (her great great grandmother was Indian).We pronounce it "Am-a-la" (very short 'a's).
I like it better than the similar sounding Amira, meaning princess. I also like it better then Hannah or Grace, which have the same meaning. And it's like Mara, but it does not mean bitter and is not as common as Maria. It's cute.
I am from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria (West Africa). Amara means grace in my language. Amarachi or Amarachukwu means God's grace. It is a very popular name also in my tribe. Mostly it is a name for girls but some boys still answer that name because in my tribe (IGBO) we name the child based on circumstances, motivations or whatever inspired the parents or family most before begetting that child. Therefore, naming the child Amara, Amarachi or Amarachukwu simply means that the parents admit that the child is born by the "GRACE of God". Also, the name AMANDA, in my tribe it means "never fails" Hence CHIMAMANDA meaning My God never fails.
I can't explain it, the name Amara has this earthly quality to it that I admire. I honestly think of a beautiful and blooming flower when I hear this name. A feeling of warmth tends to happen like it's just perfect. It's the perfect name because I just get that feeling which I never get so I guess that's a good sign. I do love the combination, Amara Lorelei, I don't mind this name getting popular, but not too popular because it would just lose some of its unique feeling. Overall loving this name and the fact that it's Greek.
Amara is a name of the 2nd largest tribe in Ethiopia. They speak a language called Amharic (Amaregna, አማርኛ), it is the only African language with its own script. Amharic is the official language of Ethiopia and it is spoken by more than 86.5 million people.
Amara Lakhous is a bearer of this name and he is a male bearer of this name.
I love this name! It's so mysterious sounding, but usable.
When choosing to name my daughter Amara it came from my spouse and deceased brother's middle names both being Lamar. I dropped the L, in the beginning and added an A on the end. I thought it was pretty creative because it was in honor of my spouse and late brother. I am glad that the name has a majority of many beautiful meanings; bitter being the worst.
My name is Amara, I am from Indian/Pakistan origin. I come from a Muslim family but have personally seen it used by Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists in India. When I was younger it was very uncommon but I have come across a few in my life now (I am 25). I have had friends who have gone to India and had found my name on merchandise such as keyrings and pens. There are lots of different meanings for my name, most Indians and my parents pronounce it at um-er-a which I also like.
My name is Amara, and I remember it being Greek and German.. The meanings are Immortal and Eternal... Amara is pronounced uh-MARE-uh.
Which is confused with uh-mar-uh... At least that's what I know of my name.
Amara was a short-lived character on The Vampire Diaries. She was born in the ancient Greek world. She was the origin of the doppelganger cycle which included Katherine Pierce (Katerina Petrova) and Elena Gilbert. It's too detailed and complicated to really explain. You should watch all the seasons! :)
Amara is also a Spanish, Italian and Portuguese name, a feminine form of Amaro. It is likely derived from the Germanic name Ademar, from ad (variant of adal, "noble") and mar, "famous, well-known". But this origin meets with the Latin amarus, Amara, "bitter, sad", in Romanic languages. It is possible that some people have been using Amara as a nickname for Amarantha/Amaranta, but that is not the etymological origin of the name.
On another site it means: eternal beauty or eternal flower.
I know an Amara. I'm very surprised that this is a Nigerian name because she's Polish.
Amara is a name that exists in different cultures. The one I am familiar with is Igbo culture where it means "Grace". It is a name that is unisex in the Igbo language, but is typically given to females. It is such a pretty name, but is often mispronounced.
The Greek word for "unfading" is "amarantos", so it's possible that this name may be related.
The Amhara People are an ethnic group of Ethiopia, called the 'Amara' in Amharaic. They number at about 23 million, 30.1% of the country's population. Their name creates several other possible meanings of Amara; it could come from the word "amari" meaning "pleasing, agreeable, beautiful and gracious" or "mahare", meaning 'gracious' and bearing a resemblance for the verb 'to learn'. Amhara, in the Ge'ez language, is said to mean 'free people', from "ʿam" meaning 'people' and "h.ara", meaning 'free, soldier'. This suggestion, however, has been dismissed by many linguists.
Amara Karan (b 1984), an English actress born to Sri Lankan parents.In Tamil, the name means "to abide, remain, become tranquil, rest, to be settled".
I have met several West African men with this name. Therefore, it is a unisex name.
Like some of the above posters, I, too, the most common origin I have found is for the Greek, unfading/immortal/eternal. My baby name book--not always the best source, I'm sure--states "eternally beautiful." (For the male Amar, it says "immortal" [Punjabi].)
I read in a book that Amara is of Greek origin and means "unfading." The book is "The Amber Room" by Steve Berry, Ballantine Books.
My best friend is named Amara. While the name itself is alright, people ALWAYS mispronounce it.
When I was given that name it was more pertaining to Celtic, meaning "Eternal". Of all the different cultures in which this name is used, I'm surprised they used the very least known meaning.
I speak two Gaelic languages and I very, very much doubt that Amara has any Celtic origin, much less meaning 'eternal'. Sorry.
It is also of Greek origin.
In my head, this name is just a placeholder. Whenever I haven't named a female character and another character needs to scream her name in agony (or something of similar effect), he always ends up screaming Amara. It's exotic sounding, but it has no substance.
Amara "Magma" Aquilla, a Marvel Comics superhero best known as being a member of the X-Men spin-off group, the New Mutants. Amara was from Nova Roma ("New Rome"), which was actually located in Brazil.
I've heard Amara pronounced uh-MAR-uh and AM-er-uh or AM-ruh.
Amara is a beautiful name. I have seen this name translated to "unfading flower".
In the English verison of Sailor Moon, Sailor Uranus's name is Amara Tenoh.
Amara can be a male name also. In Mongolian it means peaceful. It is also, apparently, a male name in west Africa. There was a male president of the U.N. General Assembly in the 1990s whose first name was Amara.
In Romanian it means "the bitter one". I would never name my baby this way.
In my baby name book it was said to mean eternally beautiful.
This name is actually a Greek name and it means eternal, immortal, beloved.
I think that this name is very original and ever since I heard it I feel in love with it. I would like some day to name one of my daughters this. And not very many people have it. It makes a difference compared to the usual names like Stephanie, Samantha, Julie, Melissa, Amanda, you know.
I don't think anyone ever wanted to name their child "bitter". My intent in using this name is more along the lines of the Greek "unfading". I also like to think of it as a variant of the Latin "amare" meaning "to love" or maybe the Sanskrit "amar" for "immortal".

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