Go for Emily, Amelie will have problems all her life explaining to people her name is Amelie and not Emily.
A very feminine name. Beautiful when pronounced in French. If English speakers say it like Emily, it might seem that there's something wrong with the name, or that it's unnecessary. Say a-meh-LEE (that is, stressing the -lie), and it sounds different from Emily, which is also a beautiful name, by the way.
I don’t like this name. It’s weird. It’s like Emily but with an A?
Just have Emily for goodness sake!
Middle names that pair lovely with AmelieAmelie Odile
Amelie Rosalia
Amelie Solene
Amelie Leonie.
I like the name Amelie. It’s so pretty and much nicer sounding than extremely popular Amelia.
Also an English name.
This name looks so weird! How does the e make the Eh sound in Emily? Yeah just no no no. And the ie just ruins it!
Probably gonna get a lot more common. Wouldnt use, but pretty!
I love the name Amelie! It is a lot less popular than Amelia or Emily. Combination Amelie Kate is beautiful!
Amelie Zilber is a TikTok influencer.
I love this name, I love it more than Amelia. It’s less popular (less confusion), different spelling, different sounds, but still sounds cute and pretty. Definitely want to use it on a child someday!
I love my name, but I kind of hate how common it is here in Europe, lol.
Another typical French prima donna name.
I think this is the only name in which there are no negative comments (so far)! I'm not too surprised. This name is gorgeous and I love the combination, Amelie Hope :)
I love this name because it's my little sister's name. Amelie Faye Rose :)) Way better than Amelia.
I love this name. I would name my future child: Rosette Amelie.
I love this name ❤ much better then Amelia.
I love this name ever since I saw the movie Amelie. It sounds so elegant and lovely, I would love to name my daughter this.
I'm falling in love with this name. Nice alternative to Amelia :)
I love the name Amelie! One of my friends has it. I noticed that it is not too common in America, but very common in European countries. Her parents are Slovak, which is probably where she got the name from.
There is a song by the symphonic metal band Leaves' Eyes called "For Amelie." The name also shows up in their song "Lovelorn." Both songs are from their debut album, which is also called Lovelorn.
I never knew of this variant of Amelia before. This is nice & unique. :)
I think this is a great name, and is perfect for a little girl.
My best friend growing up had this name, I always quite liked it.
Her mother was from Belgium (Flemish).
I love the name Amelie! The perfect little girl's name for our little girl! Amelie. (It also sounds really good on a woman.)
Most Germans pronounce Amelie as AH-me-lee (stress on the first syllable) if there is no accent because they consider it the German form of the name then. They tend to say ah-meh-LEE if there is an accent (Amélie) because they assume that Amélie's parents wanted the French pronunciation and the French always stress the last syllable. [noted -ed]
Amelie is also the Czech form. Pronounced "ah-me-LI:ye".
This is a very pretty name, and not very common too, which is also a good point about it.
Princess Madeleine, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland (Madeleine Thérèse Amelie Josephine; born 10 June 1982) is the youngest child and second daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden.
I've always liked both spellings of the name since I saw the movie Amelie.
The name Amelie was often used by the royal Hapsburg family as a first or middle name for their daughters.I think this is a nice name - simple, regal, and pretty, yet not terribly common.

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