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For Ami/Amiee/Amy/Aimee/Amee my favorite form is Aimee, for girls, and Aman is better for boys.
Eileen1209864  5/3/2016
It's funny that I should read a comment about how someone named Amy is always correcting people misspelling it as Ami. For myself it's always been the opposite. My name is Ami (pronounced 'Amy'), but, everyone always just assumes it's spelled Amy. It's actually Amy on my birth certificate, but, to honor my French-Canadian great-grandparents I changed the spelling to Ami a long time ago. I think it looks prettier with an I, but, I also used to have fun signing it with a Y when I could make the tail of the Y loop around to become the horizontal line across the A which I'd always top with a little flower design at the end. It always looked so cute, but it doesn't work quite as well with an I. I can still dot my I with a little daisy. Lol.
Ami_Liz  2/9/2016
The original, Japanese given name of Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon, but with different kanji.
snuffpot  6/6/2008
Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury) bears this name.
Dianna475  12/4/2008
I've come to dislike this spelling of the name. My name is Amy and people misspell it all the time as Ami.
― Anonymous User  5/15/2007
Ami is also a Japanese feminine name. It is pronounced "Ah-Mi".
pocho-mole  6/19/2006
It is pronounced Ah-mee, and it is the French word for "friend".
Arowen Half-Elven  5/31/2006
This name means male friend in French!
Doris  11/12/2005
Maybe it means "friend", but this isn't a French name. As far as I know it's popular in Japan.
ania24  4/8/2006

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