I once knew an Aminata, who went by Ami. When I mentioned that I'd never heard the name before I met her, she said that as far as she knew it was a Dutch name that her parents had heard (apparently while in the Netherlands). Today I see that this name has been added to the database... but it isn't Dutch! It's from West Africa! I should note that the Aminata I knew was white, and that I am extremely curious about how her parents actually encountered the name.

That said, I've always thought Aminata was such a cool name. The similar Amata is among my favorites (I also once knew a Mata, which I assume is derived from Amata).
erb816  9/10/2020
Aminata Savadogo is a Latvian singer. She was representing Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna.
judyta4  7/25/2020

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