I have been chosen with this beautiful name. Although I do constantly correct people, once they discover it isn’t Amanda they completely fall in love with it. They pronounce it right and often ask me where it’s from. I am the III so an absolute family name.
Nah, it's "a-MEEN-dah", because this name comes from Esperanto and that's how you pronounce the I. It's like a long E.

You could, personally, pronounce it differently but that's not how you would pronounce it in Esperanto! :)

On another note, I love this name. It sounds really nice.
Hmm, interesting name, though I don't think I'd ever use it. It's certainly cute, but it sorta reminds me of some ditzy princess from a silly fairy tale.
This should be pronounced a-min-da or a-man-da.

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