It's a pretty name and meaning.
This name was also used by the German minority in Bessarabia:
Anatolia is a cool name.
This was the name of a region in Western Turkey where one of its former cities was involved in a war according to the Iliad.
Just to be clear for those who might not know exactly where Asia Minor is, it corresponds to Turkey excluding the Thrace in Europe. Also, why is there not a place name for Anatolia.
Anatolia (or Anatole) was one of the twelve Horai, or Goddesses of the Day, in Greek Mythology. Anatole presided over the rising of the sun.
Anatolia is used in Polish as well as "Anatola". Probably it's even a little more popular variant.
Anatolia is my motherland. I'll name my first daughter this.
Anatolia, also known as Asia Minor, is the peninsular region between the Black Sea in the north and Mediterranean Sea in the south.
Anatolia is also used in Italian.

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