I do not really like my name because I think it's a boy's name but there are worse.
My name is Andrea and it's an okay name. I go by the nickname Andi sometimes, more so when I was younger. I hate the name Andre' though. A lot of people try to call me Ondrea and it gets under my skin and I have no idea why. Andrea is a decent name.
I like it better pronounced an-drey-a. Not and-ree-a.
LOVE THIS NAME!Ever since I was in fourth grade I've thought this was such a beautiful classic name. I can picture this for a child and an adult. I think this is a great name and I want to name my daughter Andrea when I'm older!
According to my sister (who knows her stuff) if the the root word (which in this case is "man" or "manly") is changed to a feminine form, then the meaning becomes feminine as well. It's the same case for the names Charles and Charlotte (Charles means man, or manly) - it's changed altogether because it becomes feminine diminutive.
Pronounced in French, ahn-DRAY-ah.

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