A pretty, strong name for a girl. Definitely should be used more.
Personally I love my name, everyone that I meet asks about it and the origin, I love it not being very common, and the fabulous history the name holds, Andree Virot-Peel (1905-2010), Andree Sulzer-Salomon (1909-1985) to name some famous French Resistance heroines.
It's not pretty anymore, for French speaking people. Seriously.
Andrée is for a very old woman. Its meaning's really not very feminine, though "viril, of a man."
I doubt that people who use this name and its cognates have the intention of the meaning. I happen to like this name. It's pretty and less common than Andrea.
This was going to be my name but my parents eventually decided against it because they thought it wasn't accepted as a feminine name enough where I live (Holland). I absolutely agree with them and I like the name I did get much more. I do like this name though.
Andree is the French form of Andrea. Also meaning "Feminine Grace" or "Ideal Woman".

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