Usages: Hungarian

Meaning: Hungarian transcription of Андрей (see ANDREY). -- apparently not used by Hungarians, only in the context of transliterating Russian names...

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Famous bearer: Andrei Tarkovsky, one of the greatest and most influential directors in the history of Russian and world cinema.
Andrej Nestrašil is a famous ice hockey player. He currently (2015) plays for the Carolina Hurricanes of the NHL.
Andrej Pejic is a male model famous for his androgynous looks.
Also the Serbian form. [noted -ed]
Andrej is a very popular Serbian name too.
Andrej is also the Slovak form. [noted -ed]
Pronounced as "AHN-dray".
It´s also a Russian name.
Just to mention that this name is popular and used in Serbia for ages now (more so then in Croatia) where Andrej is listed as Croatian name.

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