Also Bulgarian, spelled Анета : [noted -ed]
Also Slovene:
Also used in Moldova:
Also Slovak: --- name day: July 26
You'll find numerous bearers on social media.
Also Sorbian.
This name is also Polish.
Famous bearers:
Body-builder Aneta Florczyk
Volleyball player Aneta Havlíček
Model Aneta Hrušková
Singer Aneta Langer
Moderátor Aneta Parišková
Model Aneta Sychrová
Singer Aneta Seidl
Model Aneta Valentová
Footballer Pavel Kuka and moderator Renáta Dlouhá have a daughter Aneta, born 2002.
Anetta is also the Slovak version.
It could be a short form of the Bulgarian name "Antoaneta".
Famous bearer: Aneta Langerová (Czech fine singer)
The name is used in Poland. But not as a pet name for Anna, instead it's a name on its own. The pronunciation is a-NET-a.

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