Gender Feminine
Pronounced Pron. a-NYEHL-ka(Polish)  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

Polish diminutive of Aniela. This name has become particularly popular in Nicaragua, though a connection to the Polish name is not clear.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesAnxhela(Albanian) Angelina(Armenian) Anzhela, Anhelina(Belarusian) Anzhela, Angelina(Bulgarian) Àngela(Catalan) Anđela, Anđelka, Anđa(Croatian) Anděla(Czech) Angela, Angelique, Angelien, Angelina(Dutch) Angel, Angela, Angelica, Angelia, Angelina, Angelle, Angie, Lina(English) Angèle, Angélique, Ange, Angeline(French) Angela, Angelika, Angelina, Lina(German) Angela, Angeliki, Angelina(Greek) Angéla, Angelika, Angyalka(Hungarian) Aingeal(Irish) Angela, Angelica, Angelina, Angiola, Lina(Italian) Angela(Late Roman) Anželika(Latvian) Angelica(Literature) Anželika(Lithuanian) Angela(Macedonian) Ângela, Angélica, Angelina, Lina(Portuguese) Angela, Angelica(Romanian) Angela, Anjelika, Anzhela, Anzhelika, Angelina, Anzhelina(Russian) Ànghela(Sardinian) Anđela, Anđelka, Andjela, Anđa, Angelina(Serbian) Angela(Slovak) Angela(Slovene) Ángela, Ángeles, Angélica, Angelina, Angelita, Lina(Spanish) Anzhela, Anzhelika, Anhelina(Ukrainian)
Entry updated November 20, 2020