Also Romansh: -- his wife's name
This name was also used among the German minority in Bessarabia (and far more common than Annemarie):
There's a character named Annamaria in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl". She's a pirate whose boat Jack Sparrow "borrowed".
Also Polish and German.
I came across an English baptismal record of 1741 for an Annamariah as the clergyman had recorded it, indicating the pronunciation of the name Maria in England at that time.
The name Annamaria is also German.
I love the name Annamaria and know a few girls with this name. They are all nice and fun to hang out with. I prefer this spelling (Annamaria) to Anna-Maria or Anna Maria, but some of these girls have it spelled this way. I wouldn't mind giving the name to a child. It sounds classy and elegant and it would work well in a business settings. It also has lots of nickname options. We mostly call them Anna.
I love the name Annamaria. It sounds beautiful, elegant, and classy. However, I would probably be more likely to name my daughter Anna (first name) Maria (middle name), because five syllables seems too long for a first name.

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