Given name: ANNE-LISE
Gender: Feminine
Usage: French

Description: Combination of ANNE and LISE.
Out of all the variations of Anneliese, this is probably my favorite. This spelling/pronunciation feels the most intuitive (Ann + Elise). Very pretty!
This is my name. I've gotten bullied for it (I was called Anal Lice lol), but now I'm proud of it, I guess. Also, it's a pretty name :)
This is my name, it is spelt Annaliese. I have always loved my name! I have never met another Annaliese, although I live in the USA. I live in a little German town so it fits in perfectly. Since my name is so long little kids call me Anna. And when I volunteer at the senior living they call me Emily. Besides that, I always go by Anna-leese. I'm still only a teenager but I've always loved having a different name; it also ages well.
This happens to be my favorite spelling of Annaliese. It reminds me of the beautiful princess in the Barbie movie 'The Princess and the Pauper'. I absolutely love the sound of this name and it is the best form of Anna variants.
My name is Annelise pronounced Onn-e-lees. I love my name because it is the name of my great aunt and it has a long family history. Sometimes I wish I had a simpler name because people always pronounce it Ann-e-lese. And it is super annoying. But otherwise, I love my name.
A friend just named her daughter this, and all I could think of was "Anal Ease". Please parents - sound out the names to see if there's any opening for teasing.
This looks better than say, Anneliese or Annalise.
My name is spelled Annalise, and I love it (although the spelling is a bit too Americanized; I prefer the traditional Annelies, Annelise, Annaliese).

I've never met another Annalise before, and I've recieved many compliments. My friends call me Lise (lees) but I go by Annalise in public. There are many nicknames to choose from: Anna, Anne, Annie, Alise, Lise, Lisi, etc.

I think it ages well, too. The only problem with it is that someone might realise that it looks like you could pronounce it anal-lees, so steer clear of Anelise or Analise spellings!
This is my mother's name, she pronounces it uh-nuh-lee-suh. I think it is a very beautiful name.
The name Annelise was given to 216 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
I love how it sounds when you say it.
A great nickname for Annelise would be Anne.
Mattel`s Barbie movie character Annelise was very popular among children.
It`s pronounced "ANNA-LEESE.
Annelise means "princess" in Danish.
I certainly don`t like this name. It means "princess"? Come on!? It is only good if you or your girl is a princess.
One- this name does NOT mean princess. It's a form of Anneliese which is a combination of the names Anne and Liese- which is a shortened form of Elizabeth.

And two, your comment kinda made me laugh (sorry) because well, how many girls do you know named Sarah? Because that name does actually mean princess. Naming your child something that means Princess (like Sarah or Amira) is worlds away from actually naming your child Princess.

I love, love, love the name Anneliese but for some reason Annelise just looks wrong to me. Incomplete I guess.
A beautiful, perfect name for a sweet little girl!
One of my fav names, though I prefer Annalise. :)
Listen to the German pronunciation of Annelise here:
This is my name too, and as said before, people find it very hard to write or pronounce. I'm living in a Dutch speaking region and people tend to pronounce it "annelies" most of the time. No, they have to say it properly :)
This is my name, and I pronounce it AHN-eh-lee-zeh. It is beautiful, and everyone comments on it, but no one can spell it or pronounce it! Beware if you name your daughter Annelise!
Annelise is a very pretty name.
My name is Annelise and everybody keeps saying that it is a very beautiful and feminine name.

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