Princess Annika from the Barbie movie Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus.
Annika Settergreen, a character in Astrid Langren's Pippi.
Beautiful and unique.
Finnish name day December 9.
My name is Annika and it came from my European culture. My mom is Estonian and it is a popular name there. When I was little I didn't like it very much but now I actually like it, minus the correcting people on how to say it 24/7. It is a very pretty name though and I am glad it's my name.
Gender: FeminineUsages: HungarianPronunciation: ahn-NEE-kahMeaning: Swedish diminutive of ANNA, meaning "favor" or "grace".(Information from name #347451 originally submitted by user epresvanilia)
My friend's daughter's name is pronounced ah-NEE-ka.
Also Estonian: [noted -ed]
I used to really love this name, and I still do!
Well, I am American Indian and I wanted to name my daughter Annika not knowing the name was from Germany but I still love the name.
My cousin's name is pronounced AH-nic-ah.
Very beautiful name!
Annika Hansen!
This is a beautiful, underrated name.
My girlfriend's name is Annika and I think this name is beautiful and unique. Absolutely no flaws.
When I got engaged, my new fiance wanted to talk about baby names right away. I said I'd always dreamed of naming a girl Annika, after Pippi Longstocking's best friend, and he liked it. In two months after our wedding, we were expecting a baby, and named her Annika Rose. My middle name is Rose, and the other middle names we considered were April and Autumn, but she was born in March. She corrects people if they mispronounce her name by saying, "My name is "Ann-i-ka." I've been told it's not only Swedish, but also Finnish, Hungarian, and Dutch. I grew up living in Japan, and while it is not a traditional Japanese name, it can be easily pronounced as "Ahn-ni-ka." She doesn't have a nickname, and she doesn't want one. Pippi Longstocking was the first chapter book she read - the book was a baby shower gift!
Really pretty and cute!
There's a girl at my school with this name and I really like it. I live in the USA, but my family’s from Turkey. I’m wondering if Annika is a Turkish name because if I have a daughter I’m definitely naming her Annika. Even if it’s not Turkish, I think it will be easy for my Turkish family and friends to pronounce it. Again, I really like this name!
We named our daughter Annika. Our 8 year old daughter is a huge fan of Star wars so we named her baby sister Annika as a girl form of Anakin. We pronounce it Anna-kuh.
My name is Annika and I love it, mine is pronounced the Dutch way, uh-nee-ka. I love that when someone says my name I know who they are talking about. I have to thank my father- if it wasn't for him I'd be Jennifer Sue the 3rd. My name is Annika Rae, and I'm proud of it!
I would pronounce it AH-ni-kuh.
Used in Greece, written Αννικα.
My name is Annika. For a while when I was younger I disliked my name (due to teasing in school). But as I have grown older and learned the meaning behind my name, I feel very privileged to have such a beautiful and rare name. There aren't many with the name Annika where I'm from.
I really like Annika, especially with either Kiki or Anya as a nickname.
My name is Annika so I automatically like the name. I pronounce it ON-I-KAH. I like that my name is not very common. It's unique. I've only met a few other Annika's and they don't even spell or pronounce it the same way as me. I think that if a name is unique, it's your own. One thing that's kind of annoying, though, is that a lot of times people will look at the name and pronounce it the wrong way. I don't usually correct them, but I don't really like it. Overall though, I think the name Annika is very pretty and unique.
We are Danish-American and named our daughter this. In Denmark, it is said Ann-uh-ka. That is the way we like it pronounced in the US. Almost everyone guesses Ah-nik-ah at first because we live in an area with a lot of Swedish influence. I don't mind either pronunciation. I love the name and never correct others because it sounds good to me both ways. When my daughter is older, she can choose which she prefers.
My name is Annika and I have to say I love it. People have commented my entire life on how much they like my name. It's unique and feminine. The down side is my married name is Walker and I do get Anakin Skywalker a lot. Sad but true. Another down side is always having to spell it for people and the gross mispronunciation that most Americans tend to have. I pronounce it Ah-KNEE-ka... I am dutch.
We named our daughter Annika in 1998, after the character in "Pippi Longstocking". We still love the name; however, we probably wouldn't have used it had we known the following year would introduce a character named Anakin Skywalker that many people still think we named our daughter for.
I love the name Annika, hopefully I have a girl someday soon. It would be Annika Carol. Strong name. My son's name is Ian and I believe that it would be great yelling their names. Lol.
I pronounce it "ON-nick-uh," and like it quite a bit. I'd give it an 8-9 out of 10. :)
I know someone with this name, and she pronounces it like Anne-ih-ka. Whatever which way you pronounce this name is fine; it's still very pretty and rare.
I have a niece named Annika... commonly pronounced as AhnNeeKa... however my niece's name is pronounced AnnEhKa. I absolutely love her name... Annika Tate (middle).
We named our daughter Annika in 2013 and I love it. The best part about it, for me is that it sounds lovely however its pronounced. I'm Canadian and my friends and family pronounce it "ANNE-ika" while my husband is Scandinavian and his family pronounce it "Auh-nika" I've even had people pronounce it "auh-NEE-kah" and I think that's great too. I never correct people because, to me, that's the beauty of the name - it sounds lovely all over the world. I also like the nicknames that she has to choose from - Annie, Ann, Anna, Nika. I'm so happy we choose this name.
I prefer ann neh kuhEh over E.
Love Annika! I've always wanted to name a future daughter of mine Annika Helen. Now I'm not sure about the middle name, but I do still love Annika and would still use it in a heartbeat. It honors my grandmother Anne and also part of my heritage.
My name is Annika, and I get tons of compliments saying people like my name when they hear it :)
I like this name. It's both simple and fresh. However, the American pronunciations (that I've heard) are terrible and make Annika sound quite whiny. It also looks a tryndee made-up name in English.
This is my daughter's name (born in 1998). We have never had a negative comment about it. I think it's just different enough to be a little unusual but not "weird." We have met three other Annikas in our area: one with the same spelling, one with one N instead of two, and one that was spelled in some strange trendy fashion. I do have to admit that my daughter's nickname since she was tiny has been "Nan" and ironically I rarely call her Annika anymore. So much for the long search for the perfect girl's name!
Annika Dries (born 1992 in San Diego, California) is an American water polo player and Olympic gold medalist.
Another name I don't get the appeal of. Its roots as a nickname are very off-putting, and it just sounds cutesy in general.
Annika/Anika is also an Indian name, which means the goddess Durga.
Annika is my number one favorite girl name of all time. If I ever have children, my daughter will be Annika. I think it's just absolutely gorgeous.For nicknames you could use Anna, Ann, Anni, Nika, or anything else, really. I just love it, even though my family thinks it's too harsh sounding. But my eldest sister just named her car Annika.
For me, this name is the girl form of Anakin from Star Wars. I know it's not, but I like to think of it that way.
It's also a common name in Estonia.
I first encountered this name on a rather unattractive baby on Maury. It didn't even sound like a real name to me, and my younger brother thought it sounded too much like "a nigga." The name just sounds harsh to me, and is also getting a bit too trendy; I prefer the Dutch form Anique.
Stop watching trash like Maury and maybe your impressions of all things would lighten and brighten! As for the name Annika, I really like it. It's spunky and sweet. I've known two Annika's. One a baby and the other an adult, she was wise and kind.
In German it's pronounced AH-nee-kah. [noted -ed]
I just named my daughter Annika and I LOVE it! People compliment me/her all the time when I say what her name is. Although many people at first think I am saying "Monica." Also it has been highly annoying that so many people see the spelling Annika and pronounce it A-NEE-KA.
I think it's pretty.
This name used to be very popular in Germany in the 1980s. It isn't used very much now. The spelling Anika has also been used quite a lot.
I prefer the name Annika pronounced like Anna-cuh. I'd like to name my daughter Annika one day.
I think Annika is quite cute, but you could also imagine a strong willed business woman too.
I recently met a little girl with this name, only hers was spelt "Anyka". I dislike that spelling immensely, but I do find Annika to be a nice name. :)
I LOVE the name Annika. I had never of heard of it until I saw Voyager, but it grew on me rather quickly. My therapist also has a daughter named Annika, ironically born the year "Seven of Nine" (human name Annika Hansen) was introduced to the series. Nope, no connection there.
The girl I met named Annika pronounces it Awn-ik-uh.
Annika Hansen is the character name of Seven of Nine of Star Trek: Voyager.
I knew a German girl with this name. It is so cute and sweet!
Listen to the German pronunciation of Annika here:
I used to not really like this name at all, but then I met a little girl named Annika and I grew to like it.
My best friend is called Annika-Jane. I really love her name. I've never met another Annika-Jane though.
Not to offend anyone but I find this name cold and a bit harsh.
Dutch pronunciation is AH-nee-kah. [noted -ed]
Annika is pronounced as UNN-ick-ah in Sweden. Very popular among today's mothers, not among today's babies. Annika was Pippi's friend in "Pippi Longstocking" by Astrid Lindgren, one reason for the name's popularity in Sweden. Annika Sörenstam is a famous Swedish golf player.

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