My name is Annis. Pronunciation can be a problem. I usually say, "Pronounced Annis, like the spice." For some, that doesn't ring a bell, so I say, "Rhymes with Janice." And yes, I have been called anus. Usually only once. Except for that unthinking car salesman who didn't get my business.
This spelling is a little sus. I like Anise better because it is more concise.
Way too ugly.
Too ugly.
I don't like this name. Reminds me too much of the word 'anus' which is NOT a nice thought to have. :/
A very pretty name. But I'm afraid a child would be called Anus. Pity!
On June 15, 1905, Triplet sisters Annis, Sarah and Frances Waggoner are born in the United States. The three sisters each celebrate their 93rd birthdays in 1998 to earn the honors of oldest living triplets in the U.S. Sarah passes away on January 24, 1999 at 93 years, 223 days.
In Scottish folklore, the Black Annis was a demon (possibly fallen pagan goddess) who was rather like a Baba Yaga.

"She took the form of a one eyed wizened crone, immensely strong with sharp tearing teeth, long black claws and a blue face. She was said to hide in a giant oak, long since felled, that was once the remnants of a great forest, which covered the area. From this lofty perch she would leap out and eviscerate unwary travellers."

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