I was told years ago Anona means "little princess" in Cherokee Indian according to my mother who did name me after her labor and delivery nurse. The nurse was Cherokee Indian.
I read on that this was Latin and meant "Of the Harvest". And that it was the name of the Roman goddess of harvest.
I'm reminded too much of the (now archaic, but common in Shakespeare) English phrase "anon", which was synonymous with "soon" or "in a minute".
It's a variant of the Sumerian Innana meaning "lady of heaven".
In Britain there was a well-known actress, singer, and broadcaster called Anona Winn, who for many years was a panelist on the radio show "Twenty Questions".
Anona Winn (1904-94) was born in Australia as Anona Edna Wilkins.
I have seen Anona linked with the Roman goddess of the harvest and the name is said to derive from the Latin for "pineapple"!
A variant of Sumerian Anonna meaning "Lady of Heaven".
Well, I suppose you can't spell this name wrong, since it's the same backwards and forwards! A nice name, I think.

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