The name Antonia was given to 75 girls born in France in 2019.
Pretty and quite unique in English-speaking countries. I like this pronounced an-TON-ya rather than an-TOE-nee-a; I just find it easier to say that way.
Simple, elegant, feminine, just a beautiful name, Antonia. Feels great!
Reminds me of a very gracious woman.
Antonia is also Estonian. The name day for Antonia in Estonia is January 12.
A beautiful, sophisticated name. I could possibly be naming a daughter this.
I love this name! I’m considering this name for a character or child for definite.
Anne or Annie are good nicknames.
My name is Antonia and my friends all call me Toto.
I used to really hate my name, I thought it was too clunky and had a stuck-up feel to it, but lately I've grown to appreciate it more! I think it has a very melodic sound and rhythm to it, and a nice meaning overall!
Antonia is in my top 5.
I really like Antonia for a name. It has a very strong yet beautifully romantic feel to it. The meaning “priceless” is gorgeous, as well. Also, I think Toni/Tony are really good nickname potentials. It gives it a more tomboyish feel, but is still feminine, too. I think Antonia is a wonderful name.

God bless you.
Also used in Slovene:
Antonia sounds so classy, elegant, and mature! It makes me imagine a beautiful, mysterious woman with long, wavy black hair and dark eyes. Antonia does sound a bit grown-up for a kid or teenager, but that's fine since that's only a minority of her lifetime, unlike with juvenile names. Toni is nice as a nickname, although it may get misspelled Tony. To me, Toni sounds fitting on someone who is extroverted, bubbly, and girly. All in all, it's a wonderful name.
My friend is named Antonia and she goes by Toni.
Am called Mary Antonia Ritah and out of all my names I love Antonia most because its unique first of all, I've never had a namesake called Antonia in all the schools I've been to so far until this year I met one girl by the same name, I receive a lot of compliments about my name because people think its really beautiful but the worst part is I am now nicknamed Tony and some call me Anty and it just pisses me off. Otherwise, it's a good name save for the ridiculous nicknames attached to it.
Also Galician: --- "A forma feminina é Antona ou Antonia"
Marie Antoinette's name was originally Maria Antonia. Her full name was Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna.
A classy but strong name with great history. I find it beautiful and my favorite combination is Antonia Charlotte. I personally don't like the Toni nickname but open to it if my future child likes it. Who knows, it might fit them. I personally am not into nicknames if the name's good enough then nicknames shouldn't be a concern. All that matters is if the whole name is pleasing and Toni isn't that big of a deal breaker for me.
Not used in Poland. [noted -ed]
My Antonia by Willa Cather was published in 1918. It was the final book in her prairie trilogy.
Antonia is a lovely name. Toni would make an adorable nickname. I hate the nickname Ant.
I used to hold this name in high regard. It is a sophisticated, classic name with a rich history. But then someone misspelled it one day as ATONIA, which essentially means "a muscle that has lost its strength." That association really altered the way I saw this name. =(
Where I live it´s quite generic.
The name Antonia was given to 264 girls born in the US in 2016.
89.74 percent of people with the first name Antonia are female.
Also Catalan and Finnish.
Also Bulgarian, Croatian and Georgian form of Antonius. [noted -ed]
Antonia "Toni" Garrn is a German model. In 2008, she got her big break in the fashion industry after signing an exclusive contract with Calvin Klein. Toni Garrn was born Antonia Garrn in Hamburg, Germany. Her father works for an oil refinery and her mother is a businesswoman. She has an older brother, Niklas, who is also a model. When Garrn was two years old, she moved with her family to London, and later to Athens when she was six. By the age of 10, she moved back to Hamburg with her family.
Antonia Liskova is a Slovak-Italian actress. Liskova lived in Slovakia until her 17th birthday. After graduating in pharmacology and medicinal chemistry, her father offered her a trip to Italy where she worked as waitress in a small bar in Rome after starting a modeling career in Milan.
Also Greek usage (Αντωνία) pronounced: ahn-doh-NEE-ah or ahn-doh-NEE-yah. [noted -ed]
The name Antonia was given to 261 girls born in the US in 2015.
I named my daughter Antonia Renee, and she is 18 now. I think it is a beautiful name. She gets compliments all the time on how beautiful her name is.
Antonia Iacobescu, commonly known as Antonia, is a Romanian singer. An amazing song of hers is "Marionette". :D.
Pronounced Ann-Toe-knee-uh. Throw it all together as so it doesn't sound 'choppy'.
Antonia is such a gorgeous name. The only thing I hate is the possible nickname Tony, I would use either Annie or Nia.
A beautiful, strong name. It ages well and people can give a lot of nicknames.
Antonia (1724-1780) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Charles VII and his wife Maria Amalia. She later married Friedrich Christian, Elector of Saxony.
Maria Antonia (1669-1692) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I and his first wife Margarita of Spain.
Antonia Scarpa is an American filmmaker and musician.
Antonia Wright (born 1983 in New Orleans, Louisiana) is an American television personality.
Actress Antonia Thomas, who plays Alisha Bailey on the British tv show Misfits.
My friend's name is Antonia, except she goes by the nickname Anty.
Gorgeous. I like the Polish pronunciation best.
This name is lovely☺.
Perfect name.
This name sounds kinda snobby ann toneeee ia! I'd imagine someone with this name to be stuck up and self obsessed but you can't tell a personality from a name I suppose. :)
This is a lovely name, and I like it for several reasons, but mostly because one of my favorite books is "My Antonia" by Willa Cather.
Antonia is name of my grandma and I think it's very elegant name.
Award winning Australian actress and musician Antonia "Toni" Colette bears this name.
I love this name! My best friend has it, and it suits her really well, as the name Antonia stirs up a vision of a beautiful woman, and my friend is very pretty.
Means priceless.
This is such a beautiful name! I wish I could succeed in selling this name to my husband. It sounds beautiful, strong and capable, like a city woman turned pioneer.
It's a nice enough name, but I can't stand the nicknames Toni and Tonia. The former sounds like the name of many jerks, and the latter just sounds a bit trashy and harsh. Also, I think this name only really suits women with dark hair and brown eyes. I still associate the name with that dimwitted character on MADTV with the name Antonia.
Yes it does mean "priceless".
In the BOOK Practical Magic (as opposed to the movie, where they changed it) Antonia Owens was the older daughter of Sally. She had red hair, was very beautiful, always wore black, and was something of a prima donna. She was also much more of a character in the book than in the movie.
Antonia has the meaning of "Priceless".
Antonia is also the Slovak form.
Nicknames: Tonis, Tonya, Toni, Toinette, Toinis, Tona, Latonya.
The movie Antonia
Antonia Minor
Author Antonia Fraser
Marie Antoinette
Tonya is a form of Antonia.
Ántonia was the main character in Willa Cather's book My Ántonia - it's pronounced, in this case, AHN-to-nee-ah. I prefer this pronunciation to the regular.
I love this name! I think it's really pretty!
I think this is a very pretty name. I adore Antonia Emily with the nickname Annie.
In the movie Practical Magic, Sally Owens (Sandra Bullock) has two daughters. The oldest is Kylie and the youngest is Antonia.
I like Antoinette better.
Marie Antoinette's real name was Maria Antonia.
The meaning for this name is "like a flower". Found it in a Latin website, just to let you know!
Listen to the German pronunciation of Antonia here:
Antonia was the name of the main female character in Willa Cather's famous novel "My Antonia." I think it's a stunning and strong underused classic.
Antonia was a fortress in Jerusalem, mentioned in the Bible.
Nicole Kidman's younger sister is named Antonia.
This was part of Marie Antoinette's birthname in Austria (Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna) before she was queen of France.
Antonia is the feminine form of Antonius, but it should be noted that it derives from the family name, not a male given name. Roman women were generally assigned the feminized version of the family name. Thus, Marcus Antonius had two daughters, Antonia Major and Antonia Minor. Likewise for other names -- Julia, etc.
About the Roman naming of daughters... Aside from naming daughters Antonia Major and Antonia Minor, Romans might number them (ie: Antonia Prima, Antonia Secunda, Antonia Tertia...)

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