In my opinion, strange names like this one are refreshing and entertaining... but pronouncing this name would be quite difficult to normal English speakers.
The first syllable is definitely pronounced as EEV and not as AYV!It even says so on this site and this is a reputable etymology site and not some online forum or bad baby name book.If you pronounce the first syllable as AYV you obviously don't speak Irish, even if you claim you do! (and yes, there are plenty of people in Ireland who don't speak Irish!).This reminds me of the people who pronounce Aisling as ICE-linn, goodness :(Downvoting comments because someone with actual knowledge explains the correct pronunciation (that you don't like apparently) is so immature. It is even anglicized as Eavan which should tell you that pronouncing the first syllable as EEV is correct.
The pronunciation is pretty. The spelling is complicated.
It's pronounced EE-van. The other pronunciations given in the comment section are incorrect. Aoibhe is EE-va in Irish, not AY-va! So it's not pronounced AY-veen or like anything that starts with AY.Aoi sounds like EE in Irish (see Aoife) not like AY.Éabha is AY-va.
The name spelling vs pronunciation made me jump on the spot out of shock. But the pronunciation is very pretty indeed.
I find these names that look so strange very entertaining! This has an absolutely beautiful sound to it.
My first cousin in New Hampshire is "Aveen." The Irish spelling is tough on us Americans.
I also think it's a very pretty name, but I would definitely suggest the Anglicized spelling, "Eavan," particularly if you live outside the British Isles.
Woah! I don't mean to sound offensive to anyone, but this is a bit of an eyesore. It sounds like Eve Anne though, which is pretty. Not saying everything has to be anglicized to suit American tastes though.
I love this name! I love the meaning, the pronunciation, the fact that it's Irish and I would absolutely name my daughter this. Who cares if the wonderful spelling will break her teachers' necks?!
I love this name even though it is quite common in Ireland where I live! I plan on naming a daughter I have Aoibheann.
The name is quite a difficulty for anyone outside of Ireland. For one that uses the pronunciation (see comment above) "AY ven," go with Aven. It's short, sweet and won't have the problems that Aoibheann would.
Pronounced "Ayveen" at least in Dublin where I'm from. Have also heard it pronounced "Ay-uh-veen" (with a very short "uh") in other parts of Ireland.
I think this is such a beautiful name. I would probably would use it if it weren't for the hard spelling and pronunciation. A clearer spelling like Evann just doesn't have the same charm to it.
Holy spelling problems, Batman.
An absolutely beautiful name. One of my favorites. However, if you're naming your kid this, good luck getting people to spell it correctly!

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