Aran Ryan is a Irish boxer from the video game series Punch Out!
Aran in Gaelic is Árainn. It is a word still found in Scotch Gallic. In Scotch Gallic the word Árainn means a 'habitat'. The word is still used today.
Árainn therefore is most likely to mean 'the inhabited islands'.
This interpretation would explain why there are so many islands around the coasts of Ireland and Scotland with that name e.g, Aranmore in Donegal, and the Isle of Aran in Scotland.
One can also see in this interpretation how the root of the word is also used in Gaelic words like Áras (residence), Árasán (an apartment).
Aran is also a region of Azerbaijan.
Aran is more than likely related to Aryan. One has to always take into account that vowels arrived later. For instance Brian Boru would be spelled Brn Br, vowels or sounds of vowels could have been before the first letter, in between the letters and or after them. Aran may even be the same root as Bryan or Bryan or Breoghan all mean "bright" or "fair" or even sometimes "holy". The amount of words that come from this root "like "Iberia" or "Eberia" is astounding, in my opinion all relating to "Ibri" or what we know today to be "Hebrew". The Scots more than likely added the "w" just as they added the "w" to Andrew. Andrews son or Anderson became Handerson and or goes on and on. Fion in Gaelic is most definitely related to "Phoenician" or "Phoenike", it appears people do not want to know the truth of the Gaelic language which is intertwined with all other European languages and yes, even Hebrew. Start with a book called An Essay on The Antiquities of the Irish Language and look up the Berla Fene.
Aran is also a Hebrew name meaning "wild goat".

Aran is mentioned in the Book of Genesis as the brother of the patriarch Abraham and the father of Lot.
It is used as the last name of Samus Aran of Metroid fame.
Ever since I learnt Irish, I've been thinking that the Aran Islands were very strangely named as "arán" means "bread" in Irish. "Bread Islands", very weird, though arán and Aran are pronounced slightly differently. That's why I'd never use this as a name.
The name of the islands comes from the Gaelic Áru, gen. Árann, dat. Árainn, meaning kidney, and refers to their shape.
(see The Celtic Place Names of Scotland by W. F. Watson; or this website
This name could possibly come from the Basque word "Aran", meaning valley.
The Aran Islands (Irish: Oileáin Árann) are a group of three islands located at the mouth of Galway Bay, on the west coast of Ireland. The largest island is Inishmore (Irish: Árainn (Mhór) or Inis Mór), the middle or second-largest is Inishmaan (Inis Meáin / Inis Meadhóin) and the smallest and most eastern is Inisheer (Inis Thiar or Inis Oírr / Inis Oirthir). Although the anglicisations are still used on maps alongside the Irish, the Irish forms of the names are perhaps more frequently used nowadays. Irish is the spoken language on all three islands.
Also used in Catalan, for both boys and girls.

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