Name of the day 4-20-2021! I said it first yay!
Y'all are bugging, Arash is a sick name.
I really love this name! Even if doesn't have any meaning, it means a world to me.
Arash Labaf is an Iranian-Swedish singer who represented Azerbaijan with Aysel with the song "Always". They qualified from the semi final and cracked the Top 10.
Arash Marandi (1984-) is a Persian actor.
Arash Borhani is a retired Iranian football player who currently plays for Paykan in Iran's Premier Football League and was a member of the Iran national football team. He is the all-time top goal scorer of Esteghlal and also the second all-time top goal scorers in Iran's Premier Football League. He was the top goal scorer of 2008–09 Iran's Premier Football League. Borhani won a bronze medal in 2006 Asian Games with Iran national under-23 football team.
Such a nice name, with historical meaning as I found in Persian names site:
This name is one of my choices for my baby.
Name of the Day on April 20, 2012.
Arash Labaf is an Iranian-Swedish singer (born in Iran, moved to Sweden when he was 10).
Written as آرش in Persian. I'm indifferent about this name, but would never use it in an anglophone country.
I've got a cousin named Arash. In contrary to the pronunciation above, it's AHR-ash, not ah-RAHSH. We're Iranian, so I'm pretty sure our pronunciation is correct, but I'm not 100% sure.

That being said, I don't love the name, but I don't hate it either. It's kind of unusable in English-speaking countries due to the whole 'rash' thing, but I don't think my cousin has ever been teased for it!
I had a feeling that people would misinterpret the pronunciation of this fine name; it's "ah-RAHSH", not "uh-RASH". It sounds nothing like "rash".
I like the name, possibly because I know a cute boy with the name. And it's pronounced by him as are-ash, not a-rash.
Sounds horrible...a rash.

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