I think being an Archer is cool and amazing but I don't like it as much as a name, not bad though. I also have difficulty pronouncing this.
I love this name but I prefer it on a girl.
Arch my back.
I don't like occupational names.
Great for if you want the nickname Archie, but don’t want something as stuffy as Archibald. I think Archer is cool and unique, but not weird. On the TV show Grey’s Anatomy, Addison Montgomery’s brother is named Archer.
This. Name. Rocks. I love the purely English feel it has to it, from England's historically awesome bowmen. I would readily name one of my sons Archer, because it's unique without being strange.
It's the surname of Sterling Archer, main character of the animated TV show Archer.
It's a surname. For me it doesn't work at all as a first name.
I absolutely love the name Archer for a guy. It's so cute! :)
Archer Hawkins (also known as Tobitaka Seiya) is a character in Inazuma Eleven.
Glad to see that this name has finally been added to the database! I like it more than Hunter, as I think Archer has a less violent connection and sounds more refined. I also think that it could make a good modern-sounding alternative to Arthur.

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