Very pretty and elegant. Better than Arianna.
Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Simone Arianne Biles is the most decorated gymnast in the United States, and third in the whole world, as she has championed 30 Olympic and World Championship medals.
From what I heard from, this name is popular in Quebec.
Love the sound but not the spelling. Unfortunately, this name would almost certainly be pronounced Air•ee•ann where I live in the U.S. To get to the right pronunciation it would need to be spelled Arion, Aryon, Arien, Arienne or something similar.
Also a Greek combination of Ariadne and Anne (Αννη).
Ariana or Arianna are much better because this looks and sounds too much like Aryan.
In French, the name is pronounced:
A as in ahhhhhhh (screaming)
Ri like hri
A like the first one
N as in n
Don't pronounce the e
(I know this cause I'm French lol).
Beautiful name! Love its French origin, but you don't have to be French to pronounce it right! I chose this to be my "native name" in my high school French class. It's better than Simone at least.
I love the ending of the name, AN. It's just so conclusive.
Ehh. This name looks like "Aryan".
My sister's name is Arianne and unfortunately people seem to have real difficulty with it, they either tend to call her Harrianne or Adrianne - both of which drive her mad.
This is the way I pronounce the name Ariadne and it's strange how in French it's also pronounced with a silent 'd' as well (I didn't know that until I checked here).
This is my sister's name and we pronounce it air-EE-anne. The pet-name, nick-name or rather the short version of the name that we call her by is Ari pronounced air-EE.

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