A less common alternative to "Ariana" and works well with most last names. It's a little long, but it is good to have a name a little girl can grow into.
Pretty! Would use it!
This is so much better than Ariel! (although I do like Ariel) The ella instead of just el makes it so much more complete!
A student of mine pronounces her name ahr-ee-EL-ə.
Pretty! Favorite variant of Ariel, and a less common alternative to Ariana.
Apparently also used in Hungarian:
I liked this name too, but it was shot down by several family members.
I really like this name because it sounds feminine and princessy and I love how you can use the nickname “Ari.” But someone said it looks like areola and now it’s kind of ruined for me. Ugh I wish I could unsee it now.
The IPA pronunciation is /ˌɛɹ.i.ˈɛl.ə/ and /ˌæɹ.i.ˈɛl.ə/.
I love this name, but preferably spelt Ariela. I'm just really not a big double l person. It's great with the nicknames Ari and Chela. Beautiful name!
My name is Ariella, and I like it very much. I am glad my parents named me Ariella. I think it is unique in a way to me. If you are expecting a girl, I think you should name her Ariella, it means lion of god and I think that is very empowering.
Rare Italian variant of Ariela (Italian) and form of Arielle (French). According to ISTAT in 2017 were born in Italy less than five babies with this name (same number in the previous years).
Beautiful name.
I came across this name when my wife was pregnant and felt the beauty portrayed by the name. When my baby girl was born she was a beautiful and ever smiling princess. I'm in love with this name and it makes love my daughter more.
I love this name since it sounds like my name only my name is 'Arela'. My parents invented it combining their names and somewhere I read that this name means 'god's golden angel'. The nicknames my friends and family gave me are 'Ary' and 'Lela'.
I prefer Ariel. This variant sounds too similar to "areola" for me to appreciate. Sorry.
I agree the pronunciation of this name has no flaws. I named my daughter Aryela, but it is pronounced identically. We could've used Ella as a short name, however I loved the rarity of Ary instead. I invented her name using my middle name, then searched similar spelling. When I saw the Hebrew meaning "lioness of God" I knew it was exactly right for her. Thank you.
Ariella Tularyn is a character in The Iron Knight written by Julie Kagawa.
This is my name and I really like it. I have only met a couple others who share this name, and I love how rare and exotic it sounds. Don't be afraid to choose this name! It's very unique and, contrary to popular belief, I hardly ever need to correct people's pronunciation.
This name is Hebrew (אריאלה), and means "lioness of God". It can also spelled Ariela.
This was my absolute favorite name for a long time, and I still really like it. It rolls off the tongue very nicely, and "Ella" is a good nickname.
British actress Ariella Paradise played the young Petunia Evans, Harry Potter's aunt, in the film "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2."
Ariella is the name of the heroine in the short story "The River's Gift," by Mercedes Lackey.
Ariella is little too frilly for me. I prefer Arielle, though for a girl both names are better than Ariel (which sounds masculine).
Ariella is very melodic. This might be a bit of a hyperbole, but I think that Ariella might be one of the most beautiful names in the world.
I think this name is quite a beautiful name; very feminine but very strong at the same time, so I think an all-round good name, and it should be used more often. :)
This name is uncommonly beautiful. There are no harsh sounds to it.
I agree! I was looking around for character names when I came across this one. I had never heard of it! Anyway, it's UNBELIEVABLY cool so you should definitely name your kid this. If she is girl! Good luck.
This name may be a little strange but it is absolutely beautiful! I think it is very serene and unique. I'm defiantly going to name my daughter Ariella! It not only sounds like a princess but I cannot imagine an ugly girl being named Ariella. I'm glad I found this name!

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