Arina is my name and I’m from Russia, my English teacher calls me Ari. For me, my name is very beautiful.
A famous bearer of the name is a Russian rhythmic gymnast Arina Averina.
Also used in Moldova (you'll find several bearers on social media).
Also used in Estonia:
Very interesting.
Arina Chloe is the sister of former Hollywood Undead member Deuce.
My name is Arina. I guess I should be grateful because my name is "unique" and stuff, but I think it's too unique. I know it's a pretty name but I prefer it to be more of a cute name than a beautiful name. What I find annoying about "unique" names is that everyone spells or pronounces it wrong. A lot of people call me Ariana or spell it Arena.
My name is Arina. I love my name but it's not an Indian name but I am an Indian.
Lol I like my name I guess, it's pretty cool. It's weird though because I live in 'Merica and I always have to explain that it's pronounced like 'arena' and not 'ee-rena' haha, but other than that it's a nice name to have.
My name is also Arina. But I'm from Germany, not from Russia, Ukraine, Hungary or something like that. :) Here in Germany almost nobody knows or has this name, at least I know nobody. But I like it and I have it because my father is from Belgium and it's also very popular there.
Arina is also a Hungarian feminine name, although it is originally from the Hungarian word "arany" which means "gold".
This is my friend's name. She's from Ukraine but we live in the US. Written down it looks pretty, but its kind of funny to say if you say it like the word arena. I say it more like ear-eena. It's a pretty name, but I'd suggest using it only if you're of Russian descent. Otherwise it looks kind of a like a "creative" name.
Arina is number 10 on my top 10 girl names. I don't know why, but I LOVE this name. I just started like it. I think it is so pretty.
This name was introduced by the famous Russian poet A.S.Pushkin as the name of his beloved grandmother who was at the same time his greatest inspirer.
According to the Swedish Historical museum (Historiska museet) the name Arina is known in Sweden since the 13th century. That is about 400 years before Pushkin "invented it".

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