My husband’s name is Arno (meaning “eagle”), a shortened form of his father’s Dutch middle name Arnoldus. With an English accent it sounds like “ah-no” and in Afrikaans we pronounce it as “ar-noo”. Famous name bearer Arno Carstens is a South African singer-songwriter and artist.
Also Flemish:
Used by a 9th century saint.
Also Estonian (via Arnold):
Also Kashubian:
Arno (my name) often it is abbreviated or simplified and even sweetened like: Ar, Arnie, nootje (dutch, means "little nut"),
Arno Breker was a German architect and sculptor who is best known for his public works in Nazi Germany, where they were endorsed by the authorities as the antithesis of degenerate art. One of his better known statues is Die Partei, representing the spirit of the Nazi Party that flanked one side of the carriage entrance to Albert Speer's new Reich Chancellery.

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