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My name is ARYANA. Spelt with a Y. There is no certain way to spell it but there is a common way to spell it, making the Aryana’s with a Y unique. Stop commenting to spell it with an I because there are plenty other websites where a definition of the name Ariana, Arianna, can be found. Let the Aryana’s get their definition too.
AryanaTheGod  9/6/2018
Use Arian(n)a instead of this, please.
SecretSociety  6/6/2018
Actually the word "Aryana" is of Iranic origins. The Iranic people - or how it is pronounced in old Persian : "Arya" - are Persians, saythians, Medians and other lingu-ethnically related people who lived in the region between southern Russia, east European lands to the south of today Iran. The people who lived in ancient Persia called themselves Aryan. The feminine form of the word is "Aryana" or "Ayryana" and refers to the "land" where those Aryans lived. Darius, the great the Persian king of the Achaemenid dynasty has described himself in a 2500 year old inscription : "I am a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, from the Aryan nation". In Avesta, the holy book of the ancient Iranian religion, "Zoroasterianism" the land of Persian people and their cousins has been called "Aryana" which means the land of Aryans. Later as old Persian language transformed to middle Persian through a millennium, the word "Aryana" changed first to "Ayrian" and then "Eran" or "Iran".
Xerxeses  5/8/2018
Well, Aryana is my name and I am black!
So enough about the neo nazis and racist white people!
aryshft  2/15/2018
The name Aryana was given to 264 girls born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2017
Bad spelling. Go with Ariana.
Luvbug86  6/4/2017
Spelling Ariana this way makes me think of neo-Nazis and other racist morons.
Acajou  12/9/2016
My name is Aryana and aryans are just a group of people. Aryana is no where related to being racist like you people are being by adding these negative comments. And this name is not considered ghetto, white, black, or Mexican. Aryana is simply just a name and also means "pure and noble woman" or "most holy". My name is Aryana and I'm proud of what my name means and you can't change that.
― Anonymous User  7/10/2016
If you name your daughter this you will be considered neo nazi, so keep the spelling as Arianna or Ariana.
Eileen1209864  7/5/2016
For some reason I like this name more than Ariana.
lilolaf  2/14/2016
This name looks like something that white supremacists or neo-Nazis would use on their child.
TyrannosaurusRegina  2/1/2016
This is my name and frankly, I really love my name.
― Anonymous User  5/3/2015
I named my daughter this in 2007. I pronounce it "Are-E-awn-ah". And being Native American, if someone looks at my child and thinks "neo-nazi" then that's fine, they can be ignorant if they want to be. I preferred this spelling over any of the others. I think because I like the "Y" considering I named my son Zayne.
Ash86  1/28/2015
Aryana originates from the Greek mythology name ARIADNE. Since Sanskrit is believed to be the origin of many European languages including Greek, you can find this name in Sanskrit scripts. In Sanskrit, Aryana means a noble and pure woman.

The name of a region in greater Persia might have been Ariana, Arianna, Aryanna, or Areyanna. But that is irrelevant of the meaning and origin of this name.

This name has Sanskrit and Greek origins, and it exudes beauty, feminine energy, and class.

I see this name among many Albanians, Italians, Germans, Persians, and some Russians.
― Anonymous User  3/3/2014
It has "Aryan" in it! Sounds like something neo-Nazis would name their daughter.
Buneary  12/27/2012
Looks like...
"Are 'Ye Ana?"

Not very inducing... not to mention the "ghetto" spelling.
― Anonymous User  4/10/2011
This name calls to mind white supremacy. I quiver in fear at the sight of it.
bananarama  7/25/2008
Sorry, the unfortunate spelling makes it look like something a white supremacist would name their child. I actually remember reading an article about a neo-nazi couple who had a baby Aryana. Aryana gives me the shudders.
aquamarina  6/16/2008
Am in total agreement with Irish Pearl on this one. If Hitler had a daughter, he may have named her this. The 'Ariane' names are very pretty but this one was crafted by someone with a pretty bad knowledge of twentieth-century history.
aqualime  12/12/2007
Ach. Just spell names correctly. Modernized names are aggravating.
podolski_fan2  5/23/2007
I wouldn't name a child this. For one, it has the word "aryan" within it, and that immediately makes me think of neo-nazis and other "White Race" groups. While I do like the modernizing of traditional names by changing a letter to "y" (Erin -Eryn, Megan -Megyn, April -Apryl, Lindsay -Lyndsay), I don't think it works for this name.
Irish Pearl  12/22/2006
Aryana was a country between 7000 B.C - 1700 B.C, in central Asia which included entire Afghanistan, eastern Iran, southern Tajikistan and northern India.
loulou  2/22/2005

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