Do not name your child this name! It is commonly used by fascist groups in Turkey, and furthermore their leaders are named "Asena"! If you do not want to be associated with fascism, do not call your child this name!
Asena Tuğal, also spelt Tughal or Tu’al, (born 1 January 1984) is a Turkish television journalist and actress. She presented on TGRT, Kanal D and Show TV in Turkey and on Rai Uno in Italy after having spent six years behind the scenes. In 2006, Tuğal was selected 3rd runner up in the Miss Turkey beauty pageant. She went on to participate in the 2006 Miss International pageant.
Asena is the name of a she-wolf associated with the Oghuz Turkic foundation myth. The ancestress of the Göktürks is also a she-wolf, mentioned yet unnamed in two different "Wolf Tales" recorded by Chinese chroniclers.
Wow, this name is beautiful.

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