Very ancient and beautiful.
Asenath is such a strong name! I think it would be a good name for a literary character in a dystopian world or something like that. For real life though, it might be a bit too much, but I still like it!
Asenath Barzani (1590–1670), was a renowned Kurdish and Jewish woman who lived in Iraq. She is considered the first female rabbi of Jewish history by some scholars—during her lifetime she was addressed with the title tanna'it.
Asenath is my name. All of the ways to pronounce it is the way people always pronounce my name- only some of them pronounce it correctly the first time.
Doesn't look very feminine.
Sounds like some kind of magic incantation.
I just found out I have an ancestor who had this name. My dad says her nickname was "Senna."
Asenath, or Osnat, was Joseph's "Egyptian" wife, but she was actually not Egyptian, she was Jewish by blood and given up for adoption to the Egyptians.

Joseph's father was Jacob who was married to Rachel and Leah. Leah had a daughter named Dina. Dina was raped and Asenath was the baby from the rape. Asenath was raised by Egyptians but was actually Joseph's cousin.
H. P. Lovecraft used this name in "The Thing On The Doorstep."
I've heard this name is pronounced O-SEH-NAA.

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