This is my name and I've been mistaken for Ashley and Ashton. It's very annoying when people don't hear my name right.
Ashlyn Rae Willson, known by her stage name Ashe, is an American singer and songwriter. She is perhaps best known for her song “Moral of the Story” which was featured in the Netflix teen romcom “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You”.
Irish and Scottish names usually have an anglicization and many of them look somewhat trendy, for example Ailish is a common anglicization of Ailís.So, yes, Ashlyn can be used as an anglicization of Aisling which has three standard pronunciations in Ireland: ASH-linn, ASH-ling and ASH-leen.I would rather see Aisling, though.
Gorgeous! I feel like it is the less popular, more elegant version of Ashley. (I still like Ashley and it's nice, I just like this more)
I like this name a lot! I like that it’s less common than Ashley, a name which I quite like too. This one is definitely a favourite as I quite like names with ‘ash’ in them ^.^
At least it’s better than Ashley.
Ashlyn in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.
I like this far better than Ashlyn. I have a friend named Ashlyn and everyone calls her Ashlynn or Ashley. It’s annoying.
My mum named me this, my dad wanted something with "ash" in it because his passion and job is to make ash baskets. They say it means "Meadow of Ash Trees". I like this name very much.
This name is the phonetic spelling of the Irish Aislinn, pronounced ASH-lin, which means dream. Related to Aisling, pronounced ASH-ling, meaning dream, vision.
Will probably age better than Ashley.
Also a variant of Aisling.
From: What to Name the Baby by Evelyn Wells (1946)
[Note: There is no entry for Ashley or its variants in the "Girls" list. However, it is an old name from ancient times and is found under the "Boys" section.]
ASHE: Middle English, German, Danish, Latin, Greek. "the beech tree." Old British "plant" name, for the ash or beech. Variations: Ash, Ashe, Asche, Ach, Ashford.
AHSER: Hebrew. "happy one." In the Bible, he was a son of Jacob by Zilpah, of whom Moses said, "Let Asher be blessed." His tribal descendants in Palestine were the Asherites. Medieval England also used this Bible name as an "occupational" name, for a man who carried away ashes.
ASHLEY: Old English, "from the ash-tree lea or meadow." Variations: (English) Asheley, Ashley
ASHUR: Hebrew. "man of Horus." (Horus was the Egyptian false god of the sky.) Assyria was named for Horus. Variations: Ashur, Assur, Ashhur.
Does anyone know where this name came from because I am very German, Italian, French, and Welsh with a mix of a bunch of other cultures mixed in. I just want to know where this name came from.
This is my name and I think that this name fits me okay. I mostly go by Ash now due to personal reasons.
Ashlyn, the name of pure beauty or in French meaning "Little Beauty."
I strongly, strongly prefer the similar sounding Aisling. Still, this isn't a terrible name; just very cutesy and little-girlish.
My name is Ashlyn - my parents heard the name and liked it - it wasn't to do with any Irish origins. There are many variances of this name and the only ignorance is when people repeatedly mispronounce it, after they have been told how it's pronounced. Can't stand it when I get called Ashleen or Aisling (don't dislike those names but they aren't mine).
I love this name! I like names ending in Lyn, so this is perfect!
I really like this name because it's really cool and pretty! A very nice alternative to Ashley.
Pronounced "ash-lin".
I like this better than Ashley but it's still trendy.
I love the name, don't get me wrong. However, I had to take a second look at it because I thought it was read "Ashtyn". I see now that it is Ashlyn but I think with the extra 'n' it would make it look complete and would be easier to read. Spelled like Ashlynn. I don't know why people think the extra 'n' is such a hassle. They pronounce it wrong anyways. So why not put the extra 'n', it make u look stupid for not reading it correctly. Besides Ashlynn or Ashlyn are both beautiful and unique unlike Ashley.
-lyn is an equally common ending, especially nowadays.
I prefer Ashlyn over Ashley, because it doesn't end with that common 'ee' sound.
I think Ashlyn is pretty and trendy while not too common.
I like the name Ashlyn more than it's variant forms. I think it doesn't sound as childish as the others.
This is my name, and what I like most about it is that it's not really "out there," but it's not as common as names like Ashley. The downside to this is that a lot of people tend to misread or mishear it, so I get called Ashley a lot and as a result have come to strongly dislike that name. When I was younger I used to get upset when I could never find anything in stores with my name on it and my brothers could, but it doesn't bother me anymore.And in case anyone is wondering, both of my parents graduated from universities and I'm not blond, although I used to be when I was very young. :)
This is one of the most annoying names I've ever heard. Makes me think of stuck-up rich blonde people, no offense to anyone with this name, I'm just giving my "personal impression" (I'm blonde, just for the record). Good for you if you like it, but I can't stand it. Sounds too much like Ashley but it isn't, and I love the name Ashley, despite its popularity. If they liked Ashley so much, they should've named their kid Ashley, just saying. But hey, if you like this name, so be it.
This name screams 'My Mother never attended university.' It's tacky and boring fluff.
This name is not pretty, and people using it don't realize that Ashley is played-out and will remain so for quite some time.
The name is too close to the overused Ashley. It doesn't sound much more mature, even though it actually does a bit, I'll admit to that.
Princess Ashlyn is a princess in "Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses".
I love this name. It's very pretty! I agree, it's a good alternative to Ashley, which is also pretty but used a lot.
I named my daughter (now 6) Noah Ashlyn. From the first time I heard this name I thought it sounded so sweet and beautiful. Very simple yet very classy.
I'm not really a fan of this name. I've met a lot of "Ashlyn"s. But this is my favourite spelling. It's simpler then its assorted variants. I prefer this as a middle name.
I really like this name compared to my overused name Ashley. It sounds feminine enough and flows well. I may just change my name to this.
Gaelic, means Dream.
No, Ashlyn is just a combination of Ashley and Lyn. The Irish name Aisling, which sounds similar, is completely unrelated.
This is my middle name and I've always really liked it. Actually my mom made up a variation of it - Ashlin. And personally I think it's much better because it's more unique.
This is a very pretty name and a great alternative to using Ashley.
Ashelin (pronounced the same way) is the name of a character in the "Jak & Daxter" video game series. While I have mixed feelings about her character, I've always liked this name. I think it sounds more mature than Ashley, and it fits with Ashelin's "vixen who doesn't take any crap" persona.
Could also be a mutation of the Gaelic name "Aisling", which means "dream" or "vision".

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