There’s a girl at my school named Ashlinn and another one named Ashlynne. I prefer Ashlin or Ashlyn. Not a big fan of any of the Ash names though.
My name is Ashlynn and I personally love it because it's different and unique. Although, I hate it when people ask what my name is and then I say Ashlynn and they look at me confused because they thought I said Ashtyn, Ashley, Ashland etc... but you get used to it after a while. I never want a different name. I used to hate it, but people say it fits my personality... funny, kind, nice, loving, caring, thoughtful, loyal...the list goes on. I'm a cheerleader and I think Ashley is the stereotype of a cheerleader name, but I prefer Ashlynn because I'm my own me. I love it! #NO_REGRETS.
Ashlynn is a pretty name.
My name is Ashlynn and there used to be another Ashlynn in my grade but spelled Ashlin. It feels weird to see it spelled like that because it reminds me of Ashley and Kaitlin mashed together. I commonly get mistaken for Ashley, Ashland, Ashtyn, and more. My sister has a friend named Ashtyn which makes it so difficult. I like my name, but I used to hate it, my friends say it suits me! I don't think of it as a mash-up of Ashley and Lynn I feel it is just it's own because of the pronunciation when you read it you can get confused but you don't with Ashley or Lynn. If you don't like it you don't have to because you don't have to live with it (unless you actually don't like your own name)
My name is Ashlynn and I really like it personally. It is really elegant and beautiful. It reminds me of a river shining in the moonlight.
My name is Ashlynn and I personally love having it, the only downside is when I tell people my name, they tend to mistake it as Ashley or Ashton. I just love the spelling with two n's, it adds to the effect it has.
This is a very pretty name. I prefer this spelling to Ashyln.
My name is Ashlin. It's not in the Behind The Name thing but I suppose it means just the same thing as Ashlynn.
I personally LOVE the name Ashlynn. I know an Ashlynn, and she is so sweet and caring about everything! Ashlynn is such an original name, a mix between Ashley and Lynn. I love the name, and I think everyone else should, too!
This spelling looks harsh.
My name is Ashlynn and I actually like it better than the Ashlyn spelling. This is because -lynn is lynn not lyn. It is also pretty. I hate the name Ashley due to the fact I am always mistaken for an Ashley.
I don't see why other people think that this name is not so beautiful. I think that the name Ashlynn is both contemporary and feminine. I love the name Ashlynn. And I think that the extra "n" adds a unique and nice touch. It makes it look like it's finished... if that makes any sense. And Ashley was already an overused name. Ashlynn sounds delicate and beautiful. I would love to name my daughter Ashlynn.
I am absolutely in love with the name Ashlynn! It's a unique name and the spelling makes the name only more phenomenal. I love that the meaning means dream. I'm jealous I wasn't named Ashlynn. Ashlynn sound so breath-taking which makes it more attractive. The name Ashlyn without the extra 'n' just doesn't look compete. I had a friend named Ashlynn, she is so sweet and kind and full of charity that when somebody says, "Ashlynn", everybody knew who she was. It's a unique name and nobody could claim it! I dislike common names, they can be so confusing especially the spelling. EX: Sidney, Sydney, Syndey, Cindy, Cindey, etc. Not a lot of girls are name Ashlyn or Ashlynn.
Ashlynn means dream in Irish. What a wonderful, beautiful name. This is a good name to name my daughter:)
I like the extra 'n' for some reason. I guess it's just clearer to read and pronounce.
This name looks beautiful and how it is spelled it reminds me of sweet lovely princess. Sounds divine, and full of charity, virtuous, faithful and full of good works. It sound like a name you'd say to your best friend that is always by your side. Reminds me of girl doing service and caring for others with a bright smile on her face. It sounds so sweet to the ears and something you always will say without overusing. Ashlynn can be put in many many fonts and it will never look any better. Ashlynn is a name you'd want an angel to be named. Ashlynn is a name you'd want your angel face baby to be. Ashlynn Ashlynn Ashlynn. A name so unique and so fresh with many more.
Yuck! It's just taking the dated and trendy Ashley and combining it with the dated and trendy -Lynn suffix.
A decent alternative to the popular Ashley. I prefer the double-n suffix of Ashlynn; Ashlyn somehow looks incomplete to me.
I love this name. It also reminds me of Ashland, Oregon where the Shakespeare festivals are held every year.
I don't really like this name. The extra "n" makes it look too long to me.
In my opinion it just looks stupid adding another 'n' to the already nice Ashlyn spelling. It just makes it longer and too feminine looking.
Ashlynn is a very pretty name. I have also seen it spelt Ashlynne.

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