I don't have anything against this name. It sounds like a mouthful though.
Nanny Ashtoreth is the name the character Crowley from Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's "Good Omens" assumes when posing as Warlock's nanny.
This name is so mystical and enchanting, something about it is wondrous. Very glad I found this name.
So pretty, though it might be a bit of a mouthful for a real name. Despite this, it has a cute nickname in the form of Ash, and could work if the person in question has a larger than life personality.
This name is quite pretty.
This name sounds hideous. It's merely a bastardization of the beautiful name Ishtar. Not only that, but Ashtoreth was used by the ancient Hebrews to mock the Babylonians. It also sounds demonic.
This name is odd, but something about it appeals to me.
Possibly derived from Astarte, the Greek Goddess of war, fertility, fire, victory, vengance and sexual prowess.
Ashtoreth is actually the plural of Ashtaroth. An ashtaroth is a type of totem pole associated with the worship of Astarte. Astarte was the Phoenecian goddess referred to above. Ashtaroth is also a biblical land area associated with Og of Bashan.

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