I like it.
noisynora  12/8/2020
As an Assumpta, this name is beautiful in my opinion. The name Assumpta is popular in Ireland and has Spanish roots. Assumpta means the assumption of Marry. Assumpta is also written and pronounced in different languages such as, Assunta in Italian, which is mostly used in the US. For those of you who said Assumpta wasn't very appealing, at one point in my life I agreed with you. But one day I woke up and realized that Assumpta is not just a name, it's who I am. People in the world all have common names but as for me I am special. This name is rare and people immediately know who I am and what I love. You don't have to love the name but I wish you would respect it. So as an Assumpta, I ask all of those commenters who do not like this name to please not comment on this site and say how much you do not like it. If you don't, just move on, find a different name, preferably one you love and leave the comments to those who enjoy it.
― Anonymous User  4/23/2016
To that commenter above just saying the whole point of this site is for us to share our opinions if everyone just keeps to themselves and only writes nice stuff on this site some clueless parent will choose the name Nigella or Slaven. And on the name Assumpta I actually didn't think of assumptions- I thought of the err, first three letters.
Sania01  7/27/2016
I don't think this is a good name, but I'm only making an assumption.

Jokes aside, the name sounds strange and makes me think of assumptions.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2015
The nun in the movie The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys was Sister Assumpta, played by Jodie Foster.
kirluci  4/23/2009
It sounds like some crazy term for somebody who often makes assumptions.
LittleMissWeekender  3/16/2009
Usage: also Catalan (Assumpció also correct)
hermes  9/19/2007
This name was used for a character in Ballykissangel. The actress who played her was Dervla Kirwan - she also portrayed Assumpta in Father Ted and Vicar Of Dibley!
downinalbion  12/29/2006
One of the most beautiful names I've heard in a while. Takes some getting used to though.
― Anonymous User  11/25/2006
No offence to people that have this name but... yuck.
doreenrugby  8/10/2005

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