I'm sure that this is nice in Italy but I wouldn't recommend it in the English speaking world.

Very close to "a$$" and sounds similar to "a$$ hunter".
To me the name Assunta conveys class, elegance, beauty and intelligence. It's a lovely name, and if I were to have another daughter, I could see giving her this name.
Beautiful name ❤️ Good middle name.
Also Sardinian:
Assunta De Rossi is a Filipina-Italian actress. She has previously won the Best Actress award at the Metro Manila Film Festival.
Assunta is the Italian form of Spanish Asunción, which basically means, "Assumption." It is derived from the Latin "Absunta," and is a traditional and very common name in means that it reflects the devotion for the Virgin Mary.
The "u" is pronounced as in the word "put" and NOT like "umbrella." Therefore, the proper pronunciation is as follows: ah-suwn-tah.
Just an old Italian lady name, really. Of course it sounds bad, and the first three letters, well.
Assunta was the real name of the Italian artist Tina Modotti.
The name Assunta comes from the Assumption (of the Blessed Virgin), not the Ascension (of Jesus Christ). Most of the time a girl is named Assunta Maria or Maria Assunta.

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