Athole Shearer was an actress (circa approximately 1920s) and the sister of film noir starlet Norma Shearer.
Iconoblast  2/13/2021
"You're an Athol!" (Person with a lisp saying a$$#0le). Literally what it sounds like.
noisynora  1/14/2021
Athol Guy, is a member of the Australian pop music group The Seekers, for whom he plays double bass and sings. He is easily recognisable by his black-framed "Buddy Holly" glasses, and, during live performances, often acts as the group's compère.
Lumi  5/27/2020
Name of a town in Massachusetts.
RHAWK3935  6/10/2019
I enjoy the works of playwright Athol Fugard, but this name sounds too much like an insulting term for the anus. In Massachusetts there's also a town called Athol, which is the butt of a lot of jokes.
lucky777  12/7/2014
I actually believe that this has an oddly handsome hue to it... Unfortunately it has been tainted unusable in most English-speaking countries (especially the United States). The explanation? "Athol" resembles a certain crude "term" for someone's rear-end. "Ahth-ol.. Ath-ol.. Ath-hole," if you understand.
Whether or not the mature generation interprets it as so-- school-grade children are merciless, and this should be seriously taken into consideration before you make a written-in-stone decision to dub your son.
Francesca  5/1/2011
This is the name of my town. The LS Starrett Company has its main offices here. Athol was named after Blair-Atholl, Scotland--periodically, we are visited by the Duke of Atholl.
lizagirl  8/3/2010
Athol is the given name of the protagonist in Graeme Aitken's novel for teens 'Fifty Ways of Saying Fabulous.' Athol is embarrassed of his name and goes exclusively by Billy Boy.
vomiting  1/13/2010
Sounds like a medication and too close to the ugly name Ethel. I don't like it.
bananarama  12/20/2009
The spelling Atholl is more frequent as a placename in Scotland. This is the spelling of the main district in the highlands and the historical Earldom.
I think Athol is more common as a surname, and hence I would say that the first name in this spelling is more likely to have come from the surname rather than the place name.
reniannen17  12/18/2007
Athol Fugard is one of South Africa's best known playwrights, especially during the apartheid era.
athol  6/20/2007

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