I am definitely considering naming my son this. Strong, noble, transcendent, ancient, beautiful.
To me, this sounds like a strong name. I especially like the 'au' sound combined with the ending of 'on'. I'm just like that. And to me, it sounds like the owner of this name would be a regal, noble swordsman from a time way back when. But that's just me.
This is such a strong and beautiful name. I imagine this to be the name of an Elf king of some sort. I would definitely name my child this.
Auberon is a French appropration of the German Alberich, meaning ruler of the elves, the name of the king of the dwarfs in the epic 'Nibelungenlied'. Auberon was first mentioned as the king of the fairies in the Chanson de Geste 'Huon de Bordeaux' (c.1260).
It's a nice name, but the meaning is weird.
A Famous bearer of this name was the son of English writer Evelyn Waugh. Auberon Waugh, also a writer, wrote such works as "The Foxglove Saga" and "A Bed of Flowers".

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