I like it for a girl, if only for Jane Austen. I'm not enough of an Austen fangirl to actually use it, though.
Jane Austen, a writer.
The name Austen was given to 119 boys born in the US in 2015.
Like Frances and Francis they thought the E made it feminine so they named my cousin Austen. The E is rather feminine, so it's okay for girls.
Austen is not a modern invention- quite the opposite. Austen has been used as a first name for boys for hundreds of years! I had a German relative in the early 1800's whose name was Augusten, and he went exclusively by Austen. My husband and I will be naming our first born son Austen. We prefer the spelling and pronunciation over Austin.
This spelling makes me think of the well-known Austen Riggs psychiatric hospital in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, where I once did some temp work. Other than that regional association, I don't like this spelling of an already overly popular name.
This is an ugly name. The E makes me want to pronounce it differently. And it sounds bad enough on a boy, but imagine this on a girl: it's because of so many women's Jane Austen obsessions that would make them want to use it on a girl. After all, Bronte has been used on girls. What's next - Alcott? Dickinson?
In my opinion, this rarer spelling looks nicer than "Austin", but is still a painfully modern-sounding name reminiscent of little boys born sometime after 2000.
Austen is also a Low German form of Augustus. The ending "en" is quite common in names of that origin: Carsten, Jürgen, Steffen.
My wife and I love the name! To honor Jane Austen, we will be using it for our daughter's middle name.
Jane Austen! I would use this name to honour her.

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