AWFUL for a boy or girl! I’m sorry, dislike!
BTW, 14 boys in the UK were named AUSTYN in 2014.
Not a good spelling, and this name sounds too masculine for feminine usage.
BTW, it started as FEMININE in 1982 with 8 girls. Then starting in 2013, it was MORE popular as a FEMININE name with 200 girls born over 147 boys and eventually in 2018 it made its way into the top 1000 FEMININE names in the USA at #996.

Just some information about this name!
Very recently in 2018, Austyn has been ranked #996 names for girls with 260 girls born with this name in 2018

It can be a UNISEX name [noted -ed]
Anonymous User who posted something on 10/16/14, I actually love this spelling of Austin for a girl, and Austin for a boy. And parents have the right to name their children whatever they want. As for saying “give your child a name that suits the gender”, that’s only the case for boys. For girls, nothing is too macho for a girl. Though parents can name their kids anything, that would be the entire freedom for females. I think every male name sounds a little feminine. That’s why boy's names are becoming unisex and more acceptable for girls. Nothing is really too masculine for a girl but a lot of names are rather too feminine for a boy. Girl names don’t really sound masculine so that’s why it’s not vice versa. Every male would need a name and/or a middle name that’s not too girly or prissy, because they’re too butchy to pull off the act of bearing something feminine, because giving a boy something traditionally feminine is unacceptable and mean to a boy. But females can have any kind of name no matter if it’s traditionally masculine or traditionally feminine, because they’re more feminine looking to pull it off better. Just like how females can like any color, girly or boyish, wear anything they want, masculine or feminine, play with any toys they want, girly or boyish, and act in any way they want, masculine or feminine. But a male would get mocked for liking or associating with any color that is feminine, wearing any clothes that look too ladylike, and playing with toys that are mostly choices for girls, and for doing any other stuff associated with women. I think females get to have, do, and associate with anything in the world regardless of the gender without being mocked and teased all the time. I guess that’s why most girls scream “boys suck and girls rule”, because females are more associated with society regardless of the gender, despite more males being born than females. This was not my idea, this is just what I’ve seen in society. I’m not the only one agreeing that women get to do anything associated with masculine and feminine culture while men are better off with masculine culture. There are a lot of feminists out there that I hate! I think masculine culture is highly acceptable to anyone. Though males with surnames like Elizabeth can’t help it, it looks weird, but there’s no point of teasing a boy with a surname that’s traditionally feminine, right? And women have the right to make feminine surnames popular too. But if a guy had the full name Kevin William Tiana, he might get teased for having something feminine in his name, and it does sound silly, but he can’t change it, so don’t bother making him kill himself. You guys sometimes say that no one deserves to have a surname that sucks for them, but if they do, they can’t help it. There are so many masculine names for boys to have, though they are disregarded to being masculine only because of the boy name on girl trend, so there’s a lot more names for girls to have.
My name is Austyn and I love it, it is unique. If everything was the same the world would be boring.
The name Austyn was given to 242 girls and 103 boys born in the US in 2015.
I have to disagree with the former commenters - I love boy names on girls and I actually think this is a very cute name! I knew a little red headed girl who had this name and it fit her perfectly. You can't see it on a woman past the age of 27... this name wasn't even around 30 years ago. Trends move with age, my friends.
I am considering the name for my daughter. I was taken aback by the negative & "old school" opinions of commentators. The beauty of today is that women or men can have any name. As a parent I want a name that means something to me & that is different. What difference does it make if it's "yn" instead of "in"? I love seeing different versions of names. It's hard to come up with a unique name that isn't too hard to pronounce or remember. I love the name, no matter the spelling... also love the city!
I'm surprised this isn't labeled as feminine or at least "unisex".

What ticks me off more than male/masculine names on girls is the "feminine" spelling. People just don't seem to grasp that changing a spelling on a name doesn't make it usable for the opposite gender. The pronunciation is still there.
Er, it's still a male name but with a butchered spelling. And replacing the I with a Y in these types of names just looks utterly tacky. Stick to the originals. I personally think any masculine obvious male name on a girl is downright vile & cruel.

I love how people are using all these obvious male names for their daughters and there's all these people who love it yet if someone uses a feminine name for a boy, people get in an uproar.

Sorry but you should be able tell the gender of someone by their name
Give your child a name suited for their genders. It just makes it easier for them. No gender confusion.
Austyn is my name and I take offense to those who say that it's a crappy name to give a girl. Yes, I agree, but you can still say it in a nicer way. I'm also a girl.
@ IgoesroarOMG: it's not like you can't ever change your name or go by your middle name.

The name itself is really decent but sucky spelling and not a name that's suited to a girl regardless of spelling. Austyn just looks really pitiful.
And I totally agree with the user above me.
Believe it or not, this name was given to 171 baby girls born in the US in 2012. It seems as if every name ending in -in/-on becomes used for females. It's not a very good name anyway, but at least spell it right and don't use it on girls!
I don't quite get the supposed ''feminizing'' effect of shoving a 'y' to the slot of the unstressed vowel either. The name is still pronounced exactly the same, it is still masculine, and it doesn't sound cool on an adult woman. The manly/boyish names on a girl/woman-thing may work on tomboyish and cool girls and young women, but not on women past the age of 27. Plus, this is plain bad spelling.
It's just a crappy spelling of Austin. Let's not change spellings people, I really hate that. That's how my name has ended up being spelled a million different ways (ex: Joni, Jonni, Jonnie, Joani).
Austyn is used as another name for St. Augustine in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales in Middle English.
Well, the Y makes it seem to me like it would be said "Ah steen". I, in general, don't like either version.
I'd like to know how changing the 'Y' to an 'I' makes this feminine. *rolls eyes*

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