Now, I don't like either of the spellings, but I prefer Avah just a little more. But I have a problem about adding unnecessary letters. Like Evelynn, y'all don't have a problem with that? I don't. But apparently Avah has to get attacked. Or Joshuah. No problem with that either? What about Gwenn? Nothing? But of course Ava has to get attacked because it's a spelling variation of a more popular name. I know I'll get hated on, but it's true. Avah and Ava are equal names.
This is HORRIBLE! Just use Ava! This sounds like someone is trying to open their mouth trying to say this.
Ugh, no. Too OTT! Ava is simpler, more complete looking.
The Avah I've met pronounces it ah-vuh. (ah as in the o in off.)
My birth name is spelled Avah which I always hated, it was my weird cousin's idea. Growing up it was constantly mispronounced/spelled and when I get carded at bars or at appointments people working always comment on it. I'm getting it legally changed to Ava!
The h on the end is absolutely revolting. It sounds masculine, I prefer Ava much much more.
What I love about Ava is that it’s a palindrome. Why ruin that by adding an unnecessary h onto the end?
Just use Ava.
The H feels unnecessary. It would constantly be spelled wrong.
Looks much prettier without the H.
This is a nice spelling of Ava, which I think is too overused.

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