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Don't name your child this. Its meaning is horrible, and it has the word 'shag' in it. Your child will be bullied relentlessly in school.
Kosiwara  11/26/2017
Pronounced ah-vee-shahg.
Miss Claire  7/29/2006
As king David was old, advanced in age, they covered him with clothing, but without being able to heat him. His servants said to him: "One should seek for my lord the king a virgin girl; she would be with the service of the king, she would hold place of woman to him; she would share your bed and my lord the king would be hot." One sought a beautiful girl in all the territory of Israel; one found Avishag, a Shounamite, and one brought it to the king. This girl was extremely beautiful, she held place of woman to him and served him; however the king did not know it.

(1 Kings 1 , 1-4)
― Anonymous User  12/24/2005

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