Gender: Feminine

Usages: Armenian (Rare), Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Georgian (Rare), Slovene

Pronunciation: ah-vraw-RAH (Armenian). AH-VRAW-RAH (Georgian)

Transcription: Ավրորա(Armenian), Аврора(Bulgarian), ავრორა(Georgian)

Meaning: Form of AURORA in various languages.

- (in Russian)
- (in Russian)
- (in Georgian)
- (in English)
- (in Armenian)
- Avrora Salamova (1933-1986), an Azerbaijani architect: (in Azerbaijani)
- Avrora Martikanyan (1901-1994): (in Armenian)
- Wikipedia articles about the Roman goddess Aurora:
• Armenian: (in Armenian)
• Azerbaijani: (in Azerbaijani)
• Bulgarian: (in Bulgarian)
• Georgian: (in Georgian)
• Russian: (in Russian)
• Slovene: (in Slovene)
• Ukrainian: (in Ukrainian)
- (general):
- You can also find plenty of bearers on Facebook (provided you are logged in to Facebook!). Some examples are:
• Avrora Argvliani (from Georgia):
• Avrora Avalyan (from Armenia):
• Avrora Avetisyan (from Armenia):
• ავრორა ბარამია (Avrora Baramia, from Georgia):
• Аврора Димитрова (Avrora Dimitrova, from Bulgaria):
• ავრორა ებალაშვილი (Avrora Ebalashvili, from Georgia):
• Avrora Ghahramanyan (from Armenia):
• Avrora Gigiadze (from Georgia):
• Avrora Klubnichkina (from Ukraine):
• Avrora Kvaacxelia (lives in the USA, but is originally from Georgia):
• Avrora Nemsadze (from Georgia):
• ავრორა ფირცხელიანი (Avrora Pirtskheliani, from Georgia):
• ავრორა საღლიანი (Avrora Saghliani, from Georgia):
• Avrora Sargsyan (from Armenia):

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