Oh my god this suffix is so common! I don't know why the "Ayden" suffix is so trendy right now, but I know a million people with this name or suffix.
Ayden is the best way to spell Ayden. I think that the people who have the right to say how it's spelled are the people who have the name Ayden. Oh wait, that's me. Aiden is the worst way to spell Ayden. If you want to be one of the other people who have the name Aiden then go for it, but if you want to have a name that stands out from all the others then go with Ayden.
Just use Aiden or Aidan instead...
Ayden is a family member featured on Family 5 Vlogs.
Oh dear... just use Aidan.
I know one girl named Ayden. Her middle name is Isabella. I think this name could work for a boy or a girl.
It'll be annoying for your kid to constantly have to tell people how to spell his name. Never intentionally misspell a common name.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Ayden who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 193rd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Ayden who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 7, 208th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Why do people hate this name so much? It's just a different way of spelling it. I have a friend named Ayden and I really like his name.
If you name your son Ayden as popular as Aidan is he is going to have his name misspelled and besides that, can you picture a brain surgeon or wealthy CEO named Ayden? Plus, the Y looks a bit random.
I don't like this name in general, but I do prefer this spelling to all others. No one's gonna assume an Ayden's name is spelled this way though.
This name sucks.
This spelling is lazy and looks like it is pronounced Ayd-En. It is also very overused when spelled Aidan or Aiden so this name is already common, why bastardize it?
This spelling is awful. Aiden & Aidan are the only decent spellings in my opinion and maybe Aden & Adan. But Aidan & Aiden are undoubtedly best.
Don't name your kid this unless you're gonna pronounce it "eye-den" if you're just gonna say "Aidan", you might as well stick with Aidan or Aiden.
This spelling is absolutely disgustingly trendy. Go with Aidan so your child does not have to face the embarrassment.
It's a joke among transgender people that this is the most popular name for FtMs, which is something to be aware of (whether good, bad, or neutral information) if you're naming your child Ayden/renaming yourself Ayden.
I saw this hideous, trendoid kreatyv spylyng in a self-published book set in the 19th century. It's bad enough that so many book, movie, and tv writers these days are having non-child characters named Aidan (or the misspelt Aiden), but to put such an obviously currently trendy name on someone from 150 years ago? Just because a name is popular doesn't mean it's accurate to use it on a character who was born way before the trend!
Yet another misspelling of a good name (Aiden/Aidan) that people use to sound "unique". If you really want your child to be unique, name them something actually uncommon, not an ugly misspelling of a extremely popular name.
Ayden is also a variant of the Turkish name Aydin.
Why do people insist on intentionally misspelling names?
I love the spelling of the name. Originally thought of naming my daughter this but then it became to widely used and unoriginal. Also an anglicized form of Aodhan.
This spelling is really ugly. Just use Aidan.
Ayden is the name of a town in North Carolina, USA, which was established in 1891.
Ayden is the name of a character in the Crossgen comic Sojourn.
When I saw this name, for some reason I thought, strong, independant, and beautiful.
No, I don't want to like this spelling! Drat! I love it. The name of one of the characters in my story.

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