I really don't like this name used as a kreatyv spelling of Aidan.
I do like it in Turkish though, especially the meaning.
The name Aydin was given to 277 boys born in the US in 2016.
99.9% of people will mistake this for "Aidan" I mean, I'm certain this has been used as another spelling variant of that name.
I don't like this spelling as an alternative for Aidan (which is only how I've seen it). I currently have a female student with this name.
The Turkish pronunciation is IE-dən.
As I'm part Turkish it is pronounced 'i - den'. This name has NOTHING to do with the name Aiden. In Turkey there is a town called Aydin, this is where it has come from.
Like others have said, this is a Turkish name, pronounced "i-DEEN." This has nothing to do with the currently trendy name Aiden.
I'm sure a lot of American parents don't know that this is a Turkish name and think it's another spelling of Aidan. I like this name in Turkish, but not in English.
I know that it is a Turkish name but I think that people are using it as a "Kreatyve" way to spell Aiden.
I love this name! I would definitely consider using it for a first or middle name if I had a baby boy.

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