Aygül can also sometimes be used as a masculine name. However, it's more common for females. So, I think that the "Gender" of this name should be changed from "Feminine" to "Feminine & Masculine".
I think it's absolutely beautiful. I knew a Kazakh girl with a variant of this name, spelled Aigul (Айгул)
It's either a name for a sweet, elegant girl or someone who carries it heavily.
It's kind of cool.
Aygül Özkan is a German politician of the Christian Democratic Union. She has been a member of the CDU since 2004, and has served as Minister of Social Affairs, Women, Families, Health and Integration in the state of Lower Saxony, in the Second Cabinet Wulff and the Cabinet McAllister between 2010 and 2013. In July 2014, she retired from active politics life resigning from her membership in the party. She was first ever German politician of Turkish descent and a Muslim serving as minister. Özkan became a German citizen when she was 18 years old. She went on to study law at the University of Hamburg, and became an attorney-at-law in 1998. She is married to a gynecologist of Turkish origin, and has a son. She entered politics in the CDU in 2004, and was appointed Minister of Social Affairs, Women, Family, Health, and integration in the state of Lower Saxony, serving in the cabinets of Christian Wulff and David McAllister from April 27, 2010 until February 19, 2013. In a press release, she announced her retirement from politics effective on July 22, 2014. She took a post as general manager of the DB Credit Service GmbH in Berlin, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, on August 1, 2014. She worked for the Deutsche Telekom and the Dutch TNT Express before she entered the politics.
To the person who said all names with "gül" are low-class and old-fashioned, there are far, FAR worse names out there. And GÜLşah happens to be one of my favorite names. To you, this name might be low-class but to others, this name is gorgeous. "gül" might sound foreign and dull to you, but that doesn't give you the right to say that ALL names with it are low-class. I think names with "gül" are wonderful. :)
I love the meaning of this name. Some people might find it ugly, but I think it's rather nice.
Pronounced IE-guhl, the "uh" being the schwa sound.
Aygul means that the girl has brightness of moon and beauty of rose.
This name has a beautiful and dramatic meaning.
This name is composed of two elements: "AY", a Turkish word meaning moon, and "GÜL", an Iranian or Turkish word meaning rose. Hence the meaning, "moon rose". And I have to disagree with the above anonymous user: names ending in "gul" are not only used by people from lower classes.
Names ending with "gül" just arent nice. Very simple and old-fashioned. Didn't want to say that actually but it is mostly used by people from lower-social classes.

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