This can be a girl name too.
I think it sounds a bit more feminine than masculine but it is a really pretty name for a boy or girl.
The IPA pronunciation is /ˌæz.ə.ˈɹaɪ.ə/. [noted -ed]

It can Also be pronounced as /ə.ˈzɑː.ɹi.ə/ or /ˌæz.ə.ˈɹi.ə/.
By the way, Wiktionary CLAIMS the name to be UNISEX. The usage of the name can also be ENGLISH.
This name can also be FEMININE, making it UNISEX.

In the USA, it was recently given to 361 girls in 2016.
It's MORE often given to GIRLS in the USA.
327 girls and 307 boys were named AZARIAH in 2018.
In the UK, it was also recently given to 23 girls in 2017.
I first heard the name from a little girl... and now today I have a daughter named Azariah. My family loves it! We get mixed reviews from strangers but mostly love. Her nickname is Azzi.
This can be a unisex name.
The name Azariah was given to 295 boys born in the US in 2016.
This is my son's name. He was named after Aaron's son from the Bible.
I heard this was a female name. My friend had her confirmation when she was thirteen and used Azariah as her 'new' middle name in the ceremony. *is confused*
In many other languages, names are largely gender neutral. While the -yah element is far more commonly used in Hebrew men's names, it's not exclusively masculine. Although I've noticed that it tends to be found as a prefix on "feminine" names rather than as a suffix (Jo- instead of -iah). That said, Azariah can still easily be a girl's name.
This is a wonderful name. It's much better than Abed-nego!

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