One of the translators of Final Fantasy III is called Aziz Hiroshita. Is very strange for a Japanese to be Muslim.
Sounds like the name of some kind of demonic or impish creature.
"Azize" is a feminine version of this name. [noted -ed]
Perhaps the Holy Land region of: 'Perea', where: 'Pericites/ Perizites' come from, or where before the groups conducted by Moshes came in, has a connection to: 'Per-azziz'? For sure, the deity of Yazidis: 'Malek Tous', equals: 'Moloch dyaus', or: 'God Moloch'.Having a look at the name a people or a religion uses for their worshiped being tells a lot about their theology and history; 'God', 'Gott', comes from an old term meaning: 'The one who is invoked'; well, you can invoke the '7th of cavalry', and the aim wasn't too different in these pagan religions, Germanic peoples had the advantage over others of having a: 'do ut des', 'one on one', relationship with their idols, not subdued to it.
Just the Bible term: 'Yahweh', meaning: 'I am the one who is', 'The one who exists by Himself', describes a quality, not a name.
You can't give names to the Almighty, as Adam did: 'Man gave name to all the animals, in the beginning, long time ago', sung Bob Dylan. (Dylan is a Northern European Sea idol).
A famous bearer includes comedian Aziz Ansari.

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