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Babs is the name of some lady in A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Hostile Hospital.
lunalovegood  1/6/2006
Babs Bunny, a young female rabbit who was one of the stars of the stars of the animated series "Tiny Toon Adventures".
Hailey2006  7/5/2006
Babs de Jongh, born in Netherlands, bears the name.
audreyhubley  8/28/2006
Would you name your chld this? I certainly would not.
― Anonymous User  10/24/2007
This sounds like an old-fashioned infantile name from the 1940s to me. It should only be used as a nickname, because it woud be hard to take someone with this as their actual name seriously.
slight night shiver  4/20/2008
The aforementioned Babs de Jongh is a Dutch fashion and lingerie model.
overtheclouds  9/22/2012
Babs Tino, a singer who has a song called "Forgive Me".
― Anonymous User  7/17/2014
I don't think Babs sounds bad! Babs is a pretty name. I think of Babs Bunny when I hear the name Babs. I believe Babs sounds super cute. :)
― Anonymous User  10/25/2014
I think it's a cute nickname for Barbara.
― Anonymous User  6/14/2015
Also Dutch and Swedish.
― Anonymous User  6/5/2017

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