Too many people nowadays use "Bai" indicating "Bye".
Can this be a nickname for Bailey?
It's a great name, but I'm tired of valley girls using it as a "Cool" way to spell "Bye".
She's my Bai. I love pecan Bai.
I'm surprised there aren't any comments of this being similar to 'bye'.
My Chinese name is Baimi. It means One Hundred Honey. It is beautiful and I absolutely love my name!
I think Bai is a wonderful name but, I prefer the African spelling BAYE, it is much prettier and more feminine.
To the person who likes to spell Bai as Baye: You can't spell this name as Baye, they are pronounced very differently. My friend named Baye pronounces it Bay (as in alarge body of water) while Bai is pronounced buy (like to sell and to buy).
Bai Dao is a famous Asian poet who bears this name.
The "white, pure" meaning is second tone.

The "one hundred, many" and "cypress" meanings are third tone.
Pronounced BIE (like bye or buy).
It also means "hundred" in Chinese.
Good strong name, I'd say.

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