Balthazar Bratt from Minions.
Balthazar Picsou, best known as Picsou, is Scrooge McDuck's name in Francophone countries. One of the most popular French comics magazines is named after him- "Picsou magazine". French comics magazines have an official Facebook page too, named "Picsou et Cie". Also the Disney comics wiki is entitled to him: "Picsou Wiki" -the equivalent of the English Scrooge McDuck Wiki.
Also, the French title of "Ducktales" is "La bande à Picsou" ("Scrooge McDuck's group").
Balthazar Tiberius Cavendish is a character of the Disney cartoon series "Milo Murphy's law". He's always called by surname. His first name was revealed by the creators via Twitter initially. Then it was revealed in an episode of the show's second season. In the same episode it was revealed that his middle name started with T. Because the fans were curious to know it entirely, one of the creators twitted his middle name too.
This name sounds noble, elegant and balanced. Also, it has a beautiful meaning that should make a bearer feel safe and powerful. I would consider using it for a real child.
BAHL-thə-zahr in English.
There's a character named Stanley Balthazar Jones (usually called Balthazar, Balth, or Stan), in the webseries by The Candle Wasters, Nothing Much to Do and Lovely Little Losers, which are based on Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and Love's Labours Lost.
Balthazar (and Balthasar) is a very interesting name that I think could be revived. I can see triplets called Capsar, Melchior, and Balthazar - perhaps nicknamed Cas, Mel, and Baz?
Odd and cool at the same time. I think it's rarely used as I've never met a Balthazar. I would consider using it for my child. :)
It would be a really cool name if it wasn't for the meaning.
Balthazar is the name of one of Portia's servants in The Merchant of Venice. Balthazar is also Portia's fake male name when she disguises herself as a lawyer to save Antonio.
I love this name. Every since Balthazar Getty guest-starred on Roseanne as Darlene's boyfriend. I like either spelling - with the z or with the s.
It feels very mysterious and could be dark.
Balthazar is a particularly hedonistic angel appearing in the 2005 TV series 'Supernatural'. He is played by French actor Sebastian Roché.
Bastian Balthazar Bux is the central character of Michael Ende's 1979 fantasy novel "The Neverending Story".
You incorrectly refer to Balthazar as being used in "Judeo-Christian" legend.

The legend is purely Christian and is not mentioned in Jewish texts at all.
This is the type of name that would be rather heavy for a little boy to carry, but I really do love it! It sounds very regal, can even be considered a biblical name (something more unique than typical Joshua/Jacob/Isaac etc.), and it sounds so handsome. Would love to use this as a middle name for a future son.
Balthus (Balthazar Klossowski de Rola) (1908-2001) was a French painter and stage designer.
Julian McMahon played a demon named Balthazar in a TV series called Charmed.
It makes me think of Bulbasaur. But I like it. It's pretty neat. I might even name my child this.
Gavin Rossdale plays a demon named Balthazar in the 2005 movie 'Constantine'.
Really odd but absolutely usable in my opinion. Great! :)
Love this name. Ancient, beautiful and has such feeling to it.
You'd pretty much have to be the coolest person in the world to pull of this hideous, pretentious name.
Balthazar is a character in Romeo and Juliet. He has a minor role, but you could argue that the entire tragic ending is all his fault. He's Romeo's servant, who he apparently trusts enough to tell him that he's married to Juliet. When Juliet takes the sleeping potion to make her appear dead, Balthazar runs away and tells Romeo that Juliet has died. Romeo then freaks out and kills himself in Juliet's arms. And as we all know, Juliet wakes up and then kills herself. Still a cool name, though--and besides; I'm sure that Shakespeare's poor Balthazar didn't intend to cause all this trouble. :)
A famous bearer of this name is actor Balthazar Getty, who is currently starring on the ABC drama "Brothers & Sisters".
Balthazar´s pet forms are Balt(ek), Baly, Tazara, Baltík, Baltazárek, Baltin.
Professor Balthazar is a cartoon series for children, created for television by the Croatian animator Zlatko Grgi?.

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